The ongoing claim by Socialists and Communists was that young people won’t work due to low wages.

What actually happened since the Communists took over the government in 2021 is, wages skyrocketed. Sign on bonuses ($500 after your first shift at McDonald’s) have been included, still nobody wants to work.

Wages have soared higher; still nobody wants to work. Wages skyrocket even higher; still nobody wants to work.

Literally every business in my area has “NOW HIRING” signs plastered around, like political election campaign signs.

Now, I’m not blaming anybody for being a lazy fuck (necessarily), but please stop with this bullshit that it’s about “wages”. It’s clearly not. As the shitlibs say, “That’s been DEBUNKED”.

What’s really going on, though? Maybe Covid-19 killed all the people willing to do those shit jobs.

I’m just kidding.

I was thinking that there is no personal satisfaction in any of it. No matter how much money they are offering, people aren’t going to opt for these positions. I think I’m partially right, but there’s an underlying factor that’s being overlooked.

We must never forget what the forced masking and forced jabs have done to the psyche of majority of the population. Even though many have gone along with the insanity, many are just waiting to see what the fuck the crazy people in charge are going to do next. On top of that, being worked into the ground, inspite of being paid more money, still isn’t that attractive.

It’s not worth the bullshit.

Then there’s working from home, which is a hell of a lot more attractive than going to work for some brick and mortar corporation. Earning the same amount of pay and sometimes even more.

What I have noticed is, majority of the people who do get hired for these jobs are black. It is not a coincidence.

I suspect that whites, browns and blacks all apply for these jobs, but browns and mostly blacks are being hired for the positions. Why? Simply to displace whites in the workplace. Gotta meet those DIEversity quotas.

We all know what happens when too many blacks are hired — the quality and standards dip drastically.

My advice to you guys: just sit back and enjoy the decline.