Oh, jeez.

Here we go.

I think we all know what kinds of words the government is interested in.

I’m sure everyone reading this followed my privacy advice over the last 5-10 years, and therefore doesn’t have anything to worry about.


This is the beginning of the thing that we all knew was coming.

The entire apparatus of spying that we’ve all been locked into for 15 years now, is going to be turned against the public, to create databases on who has been naughty and who has been nice.

This data is going to be linked to your vax pass, which is going to be linked to your CBDC UBI credit app.

Or, at least that’s the plan.

I’m now at the point where I do not believe there is really any chance that this system is actually going to be realized, in full, before it collapses, because the people running it are simply too decadent and stupid, but hell if they’re not gonna try and I can only hope it doesn’t.