You guys might have caught a blip on cable news about the mass shooting in some high school in Texas. The vultures in the mainstream media were giving it round the clock coverage until the shooter was found to be a nigger.

Catch and release is in full effect for this mandrill. It has been released on bail.

It is being reported that it claims to have been bullied. I don’t believe that bullshit for a second.

Niggers bully other people. Not the other way around, unless it’s a nigger bullying another nigger, which usually doesn’t end up in school shootings, like this one. Dey be dun take sheeit to da skreetz, nigguh!

Just another day in Nigtown and Nogville. Nothing to see here.

Well, it shot and killed a white teacher in the back, so it’ll be awarded a BLM medal.

It’s probably at home watching porno and eating fried chiggun.