What you just watched is the embodiment of everything I talk about with regards to women and the fact that they destroy society and everything we are living today, is a hellish Feminine nightmare.

We are literally, or figuratively, living in the mind of a woman, where absolutely nothing makes sense, nor does it have to.

Up is down, left is right, good is bad and right is wrong.

Some people refer to this as Cultural Marxism and they are correct, but Cultural Marxism is Feminine in construct and ideation. The cultural wars have always been Masculine vs. Feminine and everything that is inane, insane, primitive, unjust, stupid, illogical, immoral, bizarre, absurd and irrational is FEMININE!

We must never forget, neither be mistaken or lose sight of the most crucial red pill of human existence: ALL and everything we are as humans and everything that emerges from our existence, boils down to two constants — the duality of Male and Female—Masculine and Feminine. This constant duality is inescapable. From these two, emerge our values, morals and ethical substrates, laws, jurisprudence, economics and economic models, perspectives and worldviews, cultures and institutions, pastimes and hobbies, our disciplines and dysfunctions and just about every single thing; every iota of our existences is either masculine or feminine—Order, or Chaos.

A society can only be one of the two and never both. Never has the two “coexisted” in some harmonious, utopic existence as many—women and feminized men—would like you to believe. One—Masculinity—always had to suppress and supplant the destructive and chaotic nature of the other—Femininity. For thousands of years, this was the case and a necessity for very good reason, too!

As I’ve written here in this article:

…this is essentially how the female mind works and what women do and expect of others — that they ignore what is clear, obvious and blatant…

…they expect men and women to lie and cosign their fantasies. This applies to how they view and interact with the outside world, too. They pretend that what is, to not be as it is, but that it is not the way it is, just as long as there are enough dumb ass women (sorry for the redundancy) around to pretend that what is to not actually be as it is, then it ceases to be what it is.

For instance, in that video, that stupid cunt hits the guy’s car. She then approaches and accuses him of hitting her car. This is her pretending that “what is” — what actually happened — to not be “what is”. He chuckles and tries to briefly explain how reality works, but she insists that he “ignore what is clear, obvious and blatant”, in hopes of magically causing “…what is clear, obvious and blatant” to “cease to be” “…what is clear, obvious and blatant”. Were there enough women and feminized men around to cosign her delusions, what really happened would have been pushed aside and a much worse — an unfair and unjust outcome — would have befallen him. Luckily, technology was on his side and it stymied the evil and stupidity inherent in the insane adage, “believe women always”.

For those of you who are avid readers of this blog; you are highly intelligent and possess an active associative horizon, you all know fully well that this is how Cultural Marxism works. We are living it today. We are living in a Cultural Marxist hellscape. This is to say, more accurately, that we are living in a hellish, Feminine nightmare.

This is why I’ve warned hundreds of men to stop listening to and paying attention to women, on anything!

Women are agents of chaos and can only be used as such. Have you noticed that the entire covid 19 and covid 19 vaccination debacle is being forefronted by mostly women? 90% of the faces for and against, are women. It is all to create chaos and more division. This is both deliberate and not deliberate. It is just how women are and the powers that be deliberately use their knowledge and understanding of the chaotic and destructive nature of women to carry out their agendas. Not that women need any catalysts for their innate destructive tendencies. TPTB can only be successful in utilizing women in this manner due to the fact that the nature of women is inherently flawed and naturally prone to destruction.

As it is with TPTB, who use the nature of women for their nefarious motives, so too, conversely, has and does the Masculine use, or rather thwart the Feminine towards positive utility.

It is only under the auspices of the Masculine does the Feminine possess positive attributes. In and of itself, when left up to its own capacities and devices, the Feminine will always and can only result in disaster, chaos and destruction.

Unfortunately, we are all living it and are its victims and the main reason we suffer is because we fail to recognize this reality and call out and confront women.