So, Southwest Airlines apparently canceled 2000 flights this past weekend, due to their employees — flight attendants and pilots— supposedly refusing to take the jab.

I don’t buy it for a second and I’ll get straight to the point.

Here’swhat’s going on:

  • All of this is orchestrated and planned! Do not think for a second that any of this is organic and not another psyop being pulled on us. This is all being done, as I’ve warned, to collapse the entire US and Western economies — to create shortages and interruptions in the supply chains.
  • They are weaponizing the refusal of the vaccines by normalizing and setting it in motion as the go-to response for anyone who is required to be vaccinated at their jobs. Monkey see, monkey do. Soon, there will be more and more reports of vaccine refusals. This works towards the same outcome of collapsing the economy.
  • The inability of hundreds of people to travel over the weekend will be blamed on the”anti-vaxer” employee’s refusal of the jab. This is done to foment more division among us. They are already referring to the employees as domestic terrorists, for not showing up to work. What’s next? They’ll be forced to work? Forced labor is known as SLAVERY!

Essentially, none of this actually had to have truly occurred. It is simple television production value. They only need to make the claim that this, or that was done or happened, with a few actors to do interviews and so on, and many will believe it.

Nonetheless, I’ll just tell you guys what the media is claiming.

So, the story goes: Southwest employees refuse to take the jab, Southwest authorities claim it was due to poor weather and the FAA supposedly exposes Southwest for lying, saying there were no weather concerns. The media is now spamming the claim that Southwest Airlines flight shutdowns over the weekend were not the result of walkouts by pilots opposing the vax mandate.

Another major and important aspect of this psyop is, “the media doesn’t want people hearing about this, because they don’t want people organizing in other industries – or across all industries – to resist this forced vax”.

All of this my friends, is part of the the psyop being played on us. Make it seem as though there is some sinister agenda afoot and that there is an organic resistance; soon, everyone around the nation will co-opt the vax refusal sentiment (or, it’ll be made to seem like they have), thus resulting in an imminent economic coup d’etat. — The Great Reset.

Tucker Carlson interviewed this dude:

Eye rolling x1,000,000.

If you Google this issue, all you see is the media denying it, as planned.

If this is actually genuine (I highly doubt it is), are these employees useful idiots; for by them doing this, they are only hurting themselves and others by limiting our travel options and causing a crimp in the supply chain.

My answer is NO! I wouldn’t have them take the jab at all!

The reality is: The Communists have won, they have both of our hands tied behind our backs and we are cornered on all sides.

What’s the counter play? THERE IS NO COUNTER PLAY. At least, none that doesn’t involve hanging the fucks responsible. At least, for the time being.

The counter play for most, unfortunately, is to bitch and complain about it on social media, like women. Essentially, the counter play is to do absolutely nothing!

This hoax is playing right into the laps of its target audience. We will be blamed for collapsing the economy and making the lives of millions a nightmare.

Again, what would I have these folks do? After all, either way, they’re fucked. Employees and employers.

2A & ROPE!