Aussies will do it. They will obey. They resorted to the feminized bullshit of “protesting” and “demonstrating”, which are euphemisms for supplicating, like women. They followed the stupidity of women and now, their country is a dystopia.

Sure, they made new highways, but to transfer “domestic terrorists” faster, not for Aussies to travel faster, freely.

The fat, feminized fucking retards do nothing about our shithole, too. They allow women to dominate and destroy everything, so I’m not going to pretend that we are somehow better than Australians. To do so would be fucking pathetic and hypocritical.

Besides, the very exact same thing is occurring here. Take the vax, or be fired.

The state sending people to hold us down and forcibly inject us is exactly a woman’s perfect idea of proxy violence used “for the greater good”. What’s next? The state will just “quietly” take everything we own in the same vein of emergency ethics. This is what occurs in any and all feminized nation states.

If you still are confused as to why all of this is happening, I have no issues re-explaining myself — Masculinity sleeps and Femininity is destroying everything while it slumbers. It is inevitable.

You read any person’s opinions on social media and they say things like, “Aussies are cucked”, yet they still do not comprehend how deep and profound such a statement is. Not that they are incorrect; they are totally right, but they don’t know how right they are. They don’t know and they will refuse to accept that all of this insanity and tyranny is due to women being in public life.

As for Australia, as it is with every single western nation, at this juncture, I don’t see what’s stopping the Australian politicians from threatening Australians; that they have 30 days to receive the jab or they will line them up against the wall and put a bullet in the back of their heads.

How is it that killing citizens is over the top, at this point, but firing citizens and confiscating all their assets isn’t?

You may call it a slippery slope argument, but you can’t deny the slope and slipperiness. They’re there.

The Australian government has declared war against its citizens and democide is soon to follow if it hasn’t already begun.

Australian MEN need to do what would be an appropriate wartime response and stop bullshitting, like women. YOU ARE AT WAR and they are coming for you, first. I hope I don’t need to explain why.

The front holes in your lives, will be the first ones to call and rat you out.

Stop listening to feminized boomertards, like Max Igan, who think “police officers” (women who have been allowed to waste tax payer’s money in order to fill “gender equality” quotas) quitting their jobs in rejection to what the Victorian police have been ordered to do by their superiors, is something valiant and praiseworthy. These morons cannot see that these moves are more psyops to create more division and chaos, because they are spearheaded by women and women are being used as the faces of the “resistance”.

Watch the first 2 minutes of this video, by Max Igan:

Max Igan is another feminized retarded boomer, who cannot see the Feminine larp and grift of a psyop in all of this. They are using women to virtue signal — it is just what women do naturally — in order o paint the police (YOURS AND MY OPPRESSORS) as equal victims to you and I. The cunt in the video says that these police officers are “suffering”. Can you imagine?

Like I said, women are agents of chaos and destruction and can and will only be used as such, because it is natural within them — it is part of their nature — and they are being used on both sides of the spectrum — both for and against — and retarded, effeminate, emasculated men, like Max Igan, are unable to comprehend and see this.

A woman quitting the police force isn’t a thing. She isn’t an agent of force, but an agent of proxy violence.


So, a woman quitting the police force (the apparatus of force and coercion that is meted out by men for the sake of the state) is not meaningful in any way. This cunt never has, neither will she ever walk the beat and deal with violent perps. She never has, nor will she ever put herself at risk or in true danger.

It is because of these things that I’ve just explained, Australia and the rest of the Western world, are where they are today — WOMEN and Feminized, emasculated, simping, mangina men.

If you’re confused as to why Gabby Petito is dead; look no further than Gynocentrism coming home to roost.

Stop listening to women and tell them to shut the fuck up! Beat the shit out of them if they don’t want to listen and if they refuse to stay in their fucking places. If you don’t do this, all of your efforts will be for zero. They will only destroy whatever you try to create as a response to what’s occurring.

In a time like this, Masculinity is needed and Masculinity, believe it, or not, is inversely proportional to your ability to get laid, because Masculinity is Freedom, achievement, greatness, success and none of these are attainable without it.