Take a look at this video.

It is an important video, because it doesn’t matter if you’re white or black. If the cops want to fuck up your shit they will do it.

The “tough guy”.

Way back, I wrote this article explaining the very fact that police brutality (which is very real) isn’t race-based at all. They will fuck your white ass up, too, without hesitation.

I later wrote this article indicating that I was torn when it came to backing the blue.

Today, I no longer subscribe to the COPAGANDA and I see police officers for the violent, ZogBot, idiotic morons that they truly are.

The truth is, ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS and I’ll explain why.

All governments — the state — are no good, for they all violate the Non-aggression Principle (NAP).

All governments possess a monopoly on violence and the use of force and coercion. Governmental/State force and coercion comes in the form of and is meted out by the Police and the Military. They are the teeth of the beast. Ergo, the existence of a state, or any form of government is anti-freedom and a complete violation of the NAP. Ergo, the Police, too, are inherently violators of personal rights, personal freedoms and personal property.

This fact applies to the very nicest and sweetest policeman that you think you know so well to be different and an exception to the rule. The same nigger-beating cops will be shooting Trump supporting boomers and the rest of us for being unvaxxed.

Let me tell you something that you may not be aware of with regards to these police officers: they are and were fully aware that the positions they would come to hold in society, would grant them superiority and the power to violate the rights and personhood of their fellow man. It is exactly why they joined in the first place. This includes the ones who prate that they joined to “fight the bad guys”.

The “bad guys” are you and me and always have been. The police are the ones who are implementing the torturous visions of women and the sick, twisted people in governments (women and feminized men) around the world and right here in these United States.

Now, there is a marked difference between ACAB (All Cops are Bastards) and ACAR (All Cops are Racist). The latter is patently false and is a myth conjured up and perpetuated by Jews and the Jewish lamestream media. As iterated earlier, ACAB, because police brutality doesn’t give a shit about your race and they have a license to kill you.

When the state issues mandates and you do not follow, as is with the vaccine mandates in Australia, the cops will be kicking in your doors and kicking in your teeth regardless of your race and social status.

The very same people — copagandists — who praise and valorize cops for “keeping us all safe” and all the “hold the line” bullshit, will be face down eating the concrete very soon, when they refuse these government sanctioned mandates.

Cops implement tyranny. End of story.

They are not needed.

I asked someone I know the other day, why she thinks cops are needed, when she already owns a gun and knows how to shoot.

She’s still yet to answer my question.

Were 2A respected by the government enough to be adhered to literally, without all the dictum and color of law crap, cops would cease to exist.

Were we as citizens, allowed to exercise our rights under the constitution; to form or own security firms and private militia, absent the interference of the state, there would be no need for cops. Instead, we are criminalized for adhering to the constitution and are essentially told that only cops have the right to use deadly force, under any circumstances.

This should inform you that the constitution itself, means Jack shit. It is just an old piece of paper with some words, that We the people were made to believe has genuine power and sway, all the while, TPTB couldn’t give a fuck about it and only use it to keep us conciliated, like good cattle.

The cops are shit. There are no good cops and the laws are bullshit and arbitrary.

Abolishing the police is necessary and I do not mean this in the way BLM does, which is, niggers should be left to commit violent crimes, agress and violate others, without consequences.

Many an idiot will have the nerve to posit the argument that cops are necessary to maintain law and order. Give me a fucking break. The cops are here now and there’s still chaos. 2020 anyone? Hello!

These fucks were ordered to spitefully stand down and allow roving bands of niggers and Antifa members to destroy cities. Just as how they can and were ordered to stand down, these road pirates can and will be ordered to put their knees in your necks, if and when you refuse the death jab.

What causes these cops to act like power-tripping faggots? They usually are low IQ, emotionally unstable, mangina men, with inferiority complexes, who were unpopular in high school. Because of this, these types of personalities and psychotic profiles are the only types who get hired for these positions.