Starting from today, all workers in Italy are required to get vaccinated and show proof of vaccination to be able to work. As a result, Italian workers are on “strike” (nothing in the media is organic and everything should be taken with a grain of salt) and threaten to stop working, until the government retracts the mandate.

Take the vax Luigi. I don’t want to see on the news another 6, 000,000,000,000 Italians got shoah’d by covid, again.

More faggot peaceful protests that wont change anything.

This has been passed down:


It’s not a perfect translation, but it’s good enough.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s going on in Italy.

Oops. Sorry, try to ignore that.

Good luck pasta bros. We’re next, I know, but if you’ve been following the articles on here, about Australia, France and other countries that took the Feminine route, then you know exactly what’s in store for you.

More walking and shouting isn’t going to turn the tide. If you think it will, then ask yourself, just exactly how much has any of that Feminine bullshit helped to solve the tyranny in France and for Australia, so far?
Why not talk with paper boards and shout in Italian too, that’ll show them!

“Va fangulo, stupidi maiali fascisti!”

Remember, women are fucking stupid and will only dismantle your efforts, if you involve them. Masculinity is needed as the main approach to successfully resist.

If all of this is indeed occurring and not another paid psyop, with trucks not running, some ports not operational and vast understaffing; unvaxxed police forces have being ostracized, as well (I highly doubt this), a few days of this and there will be some serious trouble. Globally.

God, I wish people would fucking do this: just once, have the balls to say, “fuck the government and fuck your faggot ass mandates; I do not recognize your authority” and just fucking burn everything, until they yield. But it won’t happen, because “law-abiding”, retarded citizens have become too feminized to realize that ACTION is Masculine and Hope is Feminine and only Masculinity can save them.

Femininity relies on gibs, either directly, via welfare, or indirectly by having your salaries and wages manipulated by the government.

Think how many small businesses had to rely on covid gibs, because they were forced to operate at 50% capacity, or less? If you take the gibs, in return you have to agree to enforce mask and vaccine passport rules on your customers. They got us by the balls, or should I say, they got us by the vaginas, because our societies are feminized.

Good luck Italy. You’ll need it.