This is just fucking awful. I wish it was as easy as telling men to be careful about the demons they procreate with, but I know for a fact that it is not a flaw in their judgements or their masculinity like most moronic men will say, that leads to these things.

“You just have to be alpha man. He’s obviously not doing his duty as a man”.

All that garbage is what these lames try to sell in order for them to appear to be “more alpha” than the next man. They are violent, retarded, male feminists, masquerading as masculine, with their fake, fragile plumage from being submissive to women in order to avoid having to confront the fact that women are fucked up.

But what a fucking nightmare scenario. Women being given this kind of power is what has been destroying the west from within for decades. Now this capacity for and propensity towards destruction has taken the entire planet, by storm.

There’s a reason why women used to be lumped in with children; because most of them are.

It has been rumored, that the cunt isn’t even the child’s biological mother. She’s the Step Mom! Yet, the nasty bitch of a judge decided to give the child over to the cunt, to become a fucked up tranny. The cunt judge needs to be hung, high! This is what I mean when I say, “women destroy society!”.

Yes, folks, the father won initially, but the judge illegally went back and ignored the law and changed it, once social media stopped roasting her and send her death threats (rightfully so).

The cunt judge should be given the death penalty and have her assets seized and children be chemically castrated. She aided the piece of shit “mother” in stealing this poor man’s child, via the use of the state (proxy violence).

I hope you readers understand now, why I say women need to be beaten. It is a defensive response. Not offensive. It is an act self defense. One that is purposed towards saving civilization.

No man in his right mind wants to just beat women, especially for absolutely no reason. I eschew men who simply just want to be cruel to women with absolutely no justification. I despise people in general who are this way to people who are weaker than they are; especially towards animals.

When it comes to women, though, they truly fucking deserve it and badly need to be fucking beaten, because their agency (and don’t tell me bullshit about them not possessing agency, because we are witnessing what their agency produces) leads to total destruction, perversions and annihilation.

Women will always use the apparatus of power for destruction. A woman in any position of power will constantly be flexing and pulling power plays. It is a well known documented fact.

Get real, you fucking dip shit.