Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell is dead. He died at the age of 84. According to his family, he died of COVID-19, despite being vaccinated twice.

That’s right, goy. Take the Jew juice, goy. It’s good for ya!

So, the vaccine doesn’t help to prevent contracting the virus it was intended to help prevent. Oh, wait. That’s because there’s a new strain. A delta variant, right? Still, it’s a good thing he was vaccinated, he could have died even harder; not from “Covid 19 complications”, but covid, itself.

The delta variant is just an excuse for why the magic science juice is failing to stop wave after wave of the flu hoax. It is time to put this hoax to bed.

Colin Powell was 84 years old. He was on his way out, anyway, like pretty soon. So, none of this even matters. What is curious is, why the media felt it necessary to shine the light on this and make it about “covid complications, despite being vaccinated”.

Some bullshit is afoot.

They’ll probably say his last words were, “please, please just give me a booster”.

Who knows. You cannot trust anything in the mainstream media.

Aside from that, it is important to note that this is so the fault of those damn, unvaxxed retards. They refuse to get the jab, despite the jab’s ineffectiveness, everyone should be supportive of each other and get the jab, anyway.

Damn! This really means we all need the mandatory vaccine now. Look at what they’ve done!

This is the unvaccinated’s fault, I tell you! Now he won’t ever able to get fried chicken and watermelon on to the lunch menu at the pentagon. Still, for all his efforts, he wasn’t vaccinated enough.

The vaccine will only work if we all get vaccinated, but anti-vaxxers refuse to get vaccinated. What are we to do? Covid just keeps on winning.

Here is what we need to learn from this: it’s normal to expect the vaccine to fail for the people who need it the most and the people for whom we have shut down the entire planet to protect. This “safe” and “effective” “vaccine” still works great at preventing 20 year olds from dying of/from [?] a disease they were never at risk for.

Yeah, I’m trusting the science, now.

In the end, we lost a healthy young man at the age of 84, who just barely began his life. Ahh well, another covid number for the charts. Damn you covid!