I’ve figured out! Well, not that it was something to figure out, because the reality about all of this was right under our noses; embedded within our fatigue and frustrations with the monotonous, repetitious cycle of working to live and living to work, the whole time.

The truth about why no one wants to work requires a bit of explanation and I assure you that it is not because people are lazy.

If you have been paying attention, there have been vast, exponential technological advancements over the past 20 years. I mean, the shit that’s around, right now, will make people living a hundred years ago, shit a brick. As a matter of fact, most of us living today, who aren’t aware of our technological capabilities, will need to be restrained.

Some tech advancements have been around since the 2000s and could have alleviated work for thousands, since back then.

The purposes of technology have always been to solve technical problems man faced and to make human labor easier.

For over 20 years and more, this could have been done, yet, we were still made to suffer through a poor quality of life. Our quality of life could have been vastly improved a long time ago.

Anyone who has lived in the belly of the beast of New York City, knows very well that the city’s infrastructure is archaic and dilapidated. Take for instance, New York City streets aren’t heated, yet. Many major cities around the world have adopted this, decades ago.

Wait a minute, I’m getting ahead of myself. We have potholes the size of sink holes. They haven’t even figured out how to properly patch them!

Yet, how is this related to why people do not want to work? Simple. This is the poor quality of life refered to earlier. Imagine living in NYC where winter is 8 months out of the year and whenever a Nor’ Easter hits, all the roads and streets are packed with ice and slush. Parking is bitch as it is, then you have to deal with shoveling your car out then having to find parking later when you come home. If you double park, or park in front of a hydrant, because there’s no parking, you risk having to pay tickets the sum of $60 to $150.

Simple things like these affect not only your standard of living and quality of life, but your work performance. You are constantly under stress and can’t catch a break from the road pirates who lurk, just to make your life a living hell.

Heated streets and sidewalks would help greatly in improving the quality of life for most.

Just getting to work via public transportation is a feat within itself. The trains are from the last century and the conditions are horrendous. Much of the technological stagnation is spiteful; it forces people to circumvent driving and resorting to the use of public transportation. Conversely, the same is done whereby many forego public transportation and choose to purchase vehicles and succumb to the risk of getting tickets and stress of traffic.

Essentially, these people work to make money to make their lives a little better only to fall victim to more bullshit and shenanigans — piracy by an over regulated and underdeveloped shit hole city.

Only technology can alleviate and solve these problems. Not policies and regulations.

At the workplace, no one wants to work under shitty conditions. Aside from this fact, many jobs can be automated if not be done remotely from home. Many are catching on and have had this creeping suspicion that what they were doing before was ridiculous and unnecessary.

They are aware that things could be better; much better, but TPTB, insist on keeping their lives miserable. Their bosses insist on maintaining old fashioned customs and practices in the workplace, that are tedious and frustrating. They are not wrong about their suspicions.

This isn’t about laziness, but about efficiency and many, if not most jobs are not about efficiency. It isn’t about entitlement, either, where workers believe they are entitled to this and that. It is about economics and technology is purposed towards economizing scarce resources and reducing the cost of labor as well as the expenditure of labor.

Would you as a plantation owner in the Antebellum South of the United States, at the height of slavery and the slave trade, prefer having to house slaves and feed them and administer healthcare to them, or would you rather use the cotton gin?

Were you the owner of several toll booths in a city, would you prefer to hire employees, or would you automate the toll booths?

What has occurred with automation in places like New York City is, where the city has automated services such as toll booths, it uses taxpayer’s funding to automate these services which are in turn used to generate more revenue for the city. The revenue generated from this rapacious practice does not improve the quality and standard of life for New Yorkers.

Essentially, the city steals from you via taxation and do not provide any of the services you require. Instead, they use the funds they steal from you to invest in their revenue producing services.

This is like paying a mechanic to fix your car, but he fixes his instead and offers you the use of his car at a cost.

People, I suspect, as a result of what transpired in 2020, have realized that many, if not all industries, are already on their way to becoming automated. What they have dreamt of for years — working from home — has become a reality. Why would they pass this up?

For those who don’t want to work, they have realized that the juice is not worth the squeeze — that it is not worth living a shit life for shit pay for nothing substantial in return — for no improvement in quality of life; that their lives are much more improved by not succumbing and subjecting themselves to the stresses of having to work, in comparison.

They are better off not working, or at best taking on ventures that they are just interested in. None of this shit is worth it to them anymore.