On 11 June 1937, a Soviet military court sentenced a group of some of the most senior officers in the Red Army to execution. Accused of working for Nazi Germany and coordinating a so-called ‘military-fascist plot’, the group were charged with sabotage, espionage, and planning to overthrow the Stalinist regime.

Now, this —  Stalin decapitating his military — occurred at the very moment that Europe was bracing itself for total war.

While Stalin didn’t use forced vaccination to purge his military, he was successful in portraying many head officials as traitors.  Over the next two years over 30,000 army leaders were discharged from the ranks; thousands were arrested and executions were widespread.

It is my opinion, that the same thing, albeit via different means, is being done to our Local, Metro and State police. They will be replaced by the newly established military forces — the National Guard, BlackWater and other private military forces, ATF (the ATF is the leading police force assigned to uphold RED FLAG LAWS) and so on. While ACAB is indeed a fact, make no mistake about how sinister, cunning and shrewd the Communists who have taken over our country, are. Their plans are unfolding with a steady, rapid pace and the media’s psyop on the portrayal of the police for the past 2 years, is coming full circle.

If I am right, what is to come will resemble what the Soviet Union did with its Militsiya.

[The Soviet Union had Tax Police and other arms of its local police and local military that investigated “economic crimes”].

It was always $10K.

Get ready, my dear friends.

Something pretty foul is in the air.

Let’s dive in.

This occurred on Sunday:

This is not a test. This is not a drill. This is all real, folks. Happening in our lifetime. Remember what I wrote here and what the plan is.

After this shocking and daring act by China, the Cunt Secretary, Jen Psaki, had this to say:

“We welcome the competition”???

Put aside for a moment that women are completely retarded and are a bane on human existence; let me explain to you the series of major events leading up to this cunt’s statement.

As we already know, the Federal Government of the USA, by decree of the Executive Branch, mandated that all federal employees be vaccinated, or face termination. This included the US military as mentioned here in this article. (If you need a reminder, below is a picture of the headline).

What has ensued since, supposedly a lot of men and women have walked off their jobs in refusal of the jab, according to mainstream media reports. It is difficult to ascertain if any of this is real, organic and indeed happening and we are unfortunately, left with the only option of trusting the media — an entity that should not and cannot be trusted.

The vax refusals has seen many healthcare workers and healthcare officials giving up their careers, only to be replaced by the National Guard, as mentioned here in this article.

This week, the same commotion has seemingly been taking place in respect to police officers around the nation. Local, Metro and State police departments, have been reported to be in total opposition of the jab mandates and have threatened to quit, or have been fired, or put on leave.

Of course, some, or many of them caved. It is difficult to ascertain the real numbers.

Now, this is just my opinion and nothing more, but if I know my history well, what is occurring seems eerily similar to Stalin’s Purge of the Red Army, better known as The Great Purge.

To bring this all home: the vaccine mandates are intended to purge healthcare workers, local, state and metro police forces, the US military and replace each with a new Communist military force, comprising of the National Guard, those officers and soldiers who took the jab, private militia and the ATF. Of course, there will be randos and spooks in the mix.

All of this is being done when China is testing hypersonic missiles and the cunt in the white house is welcoming their “competition”.

[My neighbor: Wow, you really went all out with your Halloween costume this year!

Me: Costume?]