The Feminine is a poison.

Allowing women into public life wasn’t some half-assed way to make money via Jewish, Marxist “Put-Women-To-Work-ism”.

It took time — thousands of years — energy — trial and error and lots of reconnaissance that has spanned those thousands of years — a ton of money amassed over the ages and tremendous patience to produce the hellscape that we are living in today. Jews have been studying the human condition for an absurd amount of time and they know us goyim, inside out.

They know of the average male’s affinity towards women (the Male Mother Need and sexual pleasure) and the ridiculous amounts of energy and money and violence that can and will be expended to secure the validation of women.

They are fully aware of the destructive, chaotic and gullible nature of women and her insatiable desire to be like a man.

With this knowledge, the Jew has been unstoppable! With this knowledge any man is unstoppable. What do you plan to do with the information?

Here is how the Jews have us figured out and how they have used The Feminine – Female Nature — against us:

There are only 3 ways human beings generally think: Logos – logically, Pathos – emotionally and Ethos – ethically.

For example, teaching kids math in the way that “Common Core” is taught in today’s schools, fucks up their ability to do and essentially comprehend mathematics. It makes it too difficult to grasp. This is especially the case for boys. Sure, a calculator can solve most mathematical problems, but math is derived entirely from LOGIC and when math loses that process of comprehension through logic, it becomes irritating.

Why is that important? Well, you cannot use logic unless you know some math and vice versa.

Conversely, the same thing occurs when you try to teach kids how to use emotions to “win” arguments instead of actual, factual, evidence. Instead of teaching them to think and use logos (logic), they are forcing them to use pathos (emotions). This means they’ll be more susceptible to emotional than logical thoughts and arguments. The Feminine has been weaponized for a very long time, and its usage is quite evident in education.

The Social-Justice bullshit filler is their way of instilling their own dogmatic Feminine ethics into the populace. This is known as the Social Justice ethos (ethics).

Now, simply killing logic is bad enough, because truth is logic and logic is knowledge and knowledge is power. Nescience is slavery and ignorance is voluntary slavery. Without logic you cannot be free and you are at the whim and mercy of others.

Yet, we see Jews not only killing logic, but trying to instill their emotional thought processes as well — Feminine thought processes — thus hammering the nail in deeper. If you are taught to believe compelling arguments are based on emotions, it is much easier to sell the victim narrative. This is what women do all the time and it is essentially what Jews have done throughout history.

“Those evil racist whites and their horrible logic and facts are trying to enslave the poor, defenceless blacks.”

It is a funny parody, but as we’ve seen, this shit can become all too true, all too soon.

We all know you can’t argue with an SJW; we all know the frustration of trying to. Likewise, the same occurs with women, without fail.

Why cant they understand? Jesus Christ, this is elementary shit. What’s wrong with these people?! They’ve got to be a trolling.

It is because they lack logos that they cannot see it; it doesn’t register in their brains.

Now, I know I’ve explained this backwards, so it might be a little confusing, but if you haven’t figured out what it is I’m trying to say and what I’m getting at, well here goes the “tl;dr”:

Women and The Feminine have always been pathos (emotional). It is easier to stick your head in the sand and pretend that if we all held hands and sang kumbaya that life would be perfect. But this isn’t true.

Facts, logic (logos) and reality always get in the way, and The Masculine has always borne the burden of bearing the reminder that they will.

A society’s ethos (ethics) can either be logos (logical), or pathos (emotional) driven. Masculine, or Feminine. Never both.

The Jews came along; adopted and co-opted The Feminine and its pathos and have been using its tactics ever since. Wherever they went, they turned each society’s ethos they parasited on, from logos to pathos. Like the serpent beguiled Eve into partaking of the Forbidden fruit, Jews capitalize on their familiarity with the pathos of the women of that society. Jews understand that the men of that society will abandon all logos and partake of the Forbidden fruit, too, simply to sustain access to the woman’s beauty, thereby abandoning all logos.

Pathos (emotional thinking) leads to chaos and destruction and it leaves us goy susceptible to the Jew.


Our capitulation comes from our abandonment of logos.

You can blame the Jew as much as you want for the way women are, but you will never be able to deny Female Nature and the nature of The Feminine — the propensity for chaos and destruction.