In case you didn’t know: cunts in public are a bad idea for any society. Especially one with faces like horses.

Women cannot lead. They are too insulated from accountability to do it.

As long as women have the right to vote, it doesn’t matter what gender is “leading” a country; women will always vote the way of “muh feelings” and never what is logically the best.

Women are naturally self absorbed, authoritarian and micromanage everything. They literally believe everything needs to be mommied.

The reality of our existence is competition. Nature is competition. The reason any organism has the biological form and makeup it does and does the things it does, is because of competition. Humans are no different. Men are born to be leaders, women aren’t and our respective sexual dimorphic makeup speaks to this.

Most world leaders are men, the global stage is the most complex, devious and competitive. There is always the teetering possibility of violent competition.

Any country that elects a string of female leaders is destined to be outcompeted. The lie liberals (women and feminine men) tell themselves is of course, “everything is ok”. Female leader? That’s okay! Brutal winner takes all competition being the default for all of nature? That’s okay, because it’s not true. How do I know it’s not true? Because I don’t want it to be true anymore. I can re-engineer reality to suit my insecurities and fears of reality. Trust the science! Wear your mask, women are like men and better than men, date a tranny, eat ze bugs, dilate.

Women are good at “keeping the peace” in petty social situations where the Niceness Doctrine works to avoid realities of life, but scale up to the point where keeping the peace involves physically hurting someone, or even just saying “NO” to someone and they cave. This is so, because the Niceness Doctrine promotes perversions and all manner of stupidity and debauchery for the sake of being “nice”. It all collapses in on itself, because it is unsustainable.

Say, “yes” to everyone for long enough and before you know it, the levers of power men created and foolishly handed over to women will simply no longer function. Why? Because women can’t build or maintain the machinery under those levers, let alone operate the machinery correctly for any period of time.

Female leaders (an oxymoron) will destroy everything that made the country great. You Just watch; you’ll see.

Women tend to gravitate toward Communism (Totalitarianism/Tyranny) and restrictive government, in the name of “keeping everyone safe and well fed”. It is a biologically rooted metarnal instinct and it is very ugly when it is applied on a political level to entire nations. It is essentially guaranteed Socialism. This is what occurs when they function outside of the auspices of The Masculine.

What is going on with the covid hoax, vaccine hoax and climate change hoax, are essentially Feminine constructs of exploitation to keep everyone safe. The Jews are extremely knowledgeable about how the human psyche works and how powerful The Feminine is in gaining control of a people, or society, thereby destroying said people and society.

Men on the hand are biologically wired to compete, which means politically we are far more likely to support “Freedom First” ideologies in which the stronger survive and the weak die. Such is the way men work — as nature intended it.

We also possess a weakness — an inherent, unfounded, irrational and illogical affinity towards women. Outside of sex, there is absolutely no reason to like women.

Women shouldn’t even be able to vote, never mind lead.

New Zealand is fucked!

I will never work for a woman.