If you are a Boomer, what was your first job? In what year did you work this job? How much were you paid per hour, or per day?

“CONSTRUCTION HELP”. Dad had a crew of 5, or 6 and we built houses. This was in 1972 and I was 14 years old. The pay was $3.25 an hour and anything 40 hours, or more, was $4.86 per hour.

In 1972, a 14 year old can work an UNSKILLED job and get what is equal to, in today’s money, as much as $21.33 per hour.

Imagne getting $21.33 per hour for any job, let alone as an unskilled helper job, at 14 years of age.

After 40 hours, you earn $31.99 per hour and remember, taxes were less for the same reasons, namely currency had greater purchasing power. That would motivate anyone, don’t you think?

Milennials aren’t lazy. They’re just not motivated to work 40+ hours a week for pocket money. This is why milennials are fucked! It is mathematically demonstrable.

Check for yourselves.