In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the West, specifically the United States had a bit of a problem. The fertility rate declined drastically — it went below replacement rate. Much of this was due to WW2.

Around that time, some people thought this decline was a good thing since at the same time, there was a lot of talk about “The Population Bomb”. Yes, the Communists (Jews) were alive and well and sowing much fear and misinformation as they do now.

Paul R. Ehrlich (Jew)

A few other things happened around that time which made things a lot worse. In the US, in particular, we were engaged in a civil war between the WASP establishment and the Jews for control of the country. The Jews got the Blacks all worked up and they burnt over 100 cities all over America, as they did in 2020.

In order to calm the Black animals down, WASPs thought it wise to give them some free stuff, so they created Affirmative Action and Welfare. Basically, Whites pay Blacks to not work and to not wreck their country. It’s a tax, but Blacks were only 10% of the population and America was a rich country. America also had all these old people who had been in the war and they thought it would be nice to give them some free things, too. So they created pensions and free medical care. No big deal, since the country was super duper rich and the old folks didn’t live much past 65 years old — the age they usually stopped working. While they were at it, they thought it a great idea to provide Blacks with free medical care, as well.

It’s an old cliche, but it has been said, if you want more of something, subsidize it.

The free medical for the old folks and Blacks was basically an unlimited pot of money for companies to sell life extended technologies to. The whole healthcare industry went from being tiny, to a huge monster. It certainly sounds great that grandma and grandpa are going to live to be 90 instead of 65, but that means they are unproductive for 25 years and someone else has to pay for them and their upkeep. This includes all the medical expenses.

This huge increase in life expectancy would have been fine if grandma would have had 8 kids, but she only had 2 or less. So, there were not enough productive people to pay for her when she got old via taxation (government theft).

In other words, there was going to be huge inflation as it would outstrip supply. So White Americans tried to fix it with a little trick. They noticed that 50% of working age (White) people were not working, so they used some propaganda (Jewish, Marxoid propaganda) and the invention of a drug to get those people (women) into the workforce. But these had severe negative effects that they didn’t think of — women started having less babies. So, they had to think fast. They needed to drive the cost of labor down, so they tried to destroy the unions, in which they did a very good job. Still, this was not enough, and the healthcare technologies kept creating more life extending things for the old people.

Next, they tried free trade (the idea being that more workers will drive the price of labor down and keep inflation down). It worked, but it did some negative things like destroying the manufacturing base and skills, which were outsourced to foreigners and foreign countries. Then, they got lucky — the computer and internet were created. This created incredible efficiencies and allowed them to get more work out of each worker (productivity boomed), but it was not enough and the healthcare advancements and technologies kept extending the life expectancies for the old and future generatons.

To make matters worse, the non-productive Blacks were multiplying faster than the Whites, and many Whites were starting to behave like Blacks (not working). Crisis would soon ensue. They did try a few times to change the pension system for the old people, but they all went crazy and hysterical (women) creating Third Rail politics.

So, they went to plan Z — immigration. They wanted to emigrate White people, but South Africa was the only place where Whites were fleeing. It wasn’t enough, so they tried from Asia, but couldn’t get enough Japanese, or Koreans. So, they reached in and scraped the bottom of the barrel, coming out with Arabs, Blacks, Mestizos and so on.

Yes, they were very well aware of the fact that these people possessed IQs one sigma or more below Whites and they knew that meant their economy will contract by about 30% or so. Still, they backed themselves into a corner.

In addition, the banks (Jews) really liked all the debt Whites were getting into while they fumbled with the intractable problem they created for themselves.

In conclusion, boomers flushed our civilization and economy down the toilet, by allowing women and Blacks to vote (listening to Jews), outsourcing their industries (listening to Jews), so that they could live the high life for their old years of retirement. You can spit on their graves, I guess, but it won’t matter, because they had a great ride while we — the future generations — get to scrounge around in the ashes that they leave behind.

I love you grandma and grandpa.