This is an ITYS (I told you so) article, but I’ll rephrase.

Remember when I wrote this article, warning about food shortages, supply chain disruptions, gasoline shortages and incoming false flag events? Well, here they are.

The NSA/FBI/CISA are warning of Cyberattacks on food production and municipal water/wastewater systems.

If that doesn’t make you bristle and make the hairs on your neck stand up, well, a billionaire supermarket CEO says food prices will skyrocket +10% in the NEXT 60 DAYS.

What’s important to take away from all of this is that all of it aligns with the WEF’s predictions — that there will be cyber attacks, or a “Cyber Pandemic”. Klaus Schwab is the sonofabitch who predictively programmed us for the advent of this nightmare event.

Here’s what you readers need to comprehend: the cyber attacks are “real” and psyops at the same time. Allow me to explain.

The cyber attacks, or cyber pandemic are about to be unleashed upon the entire planet. This means that there is a person, or persons who will be doing the unleashing. It will be an intentional act, made to appear to be a nefarious act by somebody, or some group. Specifically, by a disgruntled person, or persons who intend to “do us harm” for some unknown, or abstract reason — they are jealous of our freedoms, or some crap. All the while, it will be our very governments, entrusted corporations and governing officials — the elites — who will be carrying out this sick act. The very same people who are behind the virus hoax and the vaccine push (Jews) are behind this impending cyber pandemic.

They are also behind the disruptions in the supply chain which is creating a food production shortage, the fluctuations in gas prices and the general inflation that we are feeling and will be feeling for the foreseeable future.

Black Rock & Vanguard

This is not a Y2K scare. It is a false flag. It is happening and it will worsen!

Believe it, or not, but the Jews are in charge of the power grids, the water tables and the supply chains. Someone thought it a great idea to make that a reality.

Our food and water are under relentless attack across all vectors. With financial, cyber, supply chain, fertilizer shortages and natural gas prices rising, they are conspiring to create a perfect storm within the systems that feed most people. This will be done to justify the governments coming in to make the choices and decisions on behalf of the people, because the people, presumably, can’t make decisions for themselves. Therefore, centralization is necessary. It is a Jewish, Communist, Bolshevik takeover and their plan is to collapse the US economy.

All of it is a psyop that is intended for you and I to give more power to the Communist government that is currently in control.

Only those who seek to grow and raise their own food will be unaffected by the storm ahead. None of this is simple and will not be easy.

Get ready.