The horse-face cunt Prime Minister of the cuckolded nation of New Zealand, Jacinda Arden, not only admits to creating two separate classes of people in Kiwi society, but that the vaccinations are to make others “feel safe and nice”. It’s all about feelings, folks. Big surprise!

Are you surprised? I’m not! We live in a Feminine nightmare and like I told you guys before β€” ALL of this hullabaloo over the covid 19 hoax and vaccine mandates are just Feminine hysteria; that it is, because of women and feminized men, we are subjected to this insanity and tyranny; that the Feminine dominates both sides and because of this, we are doomed!

Unless, Masculinity takes a stand and bitch slaps the piss out of these cunts and faggots.

That’s a great skit. It’s pretty funny, but notice that the character in the life jacket that’s nagging has to carry a Feminine persona. It should be obvious as to why. I just explained it.