Ancient Jews were violent, stupid, self-entitled Semitic tribespeople and Middle-Eastern Jews remain this way to this day.

The population of most interest to people who wrestle with the Jewish Question (The JQ), are the Ashkenazi Jews.

From the standpoint of human-biodiversity, Ashkenazim are the most fascinating, bizarre and dangerous population of humans to have ever evolved. I admit, I have done extensive research on this topic where some may consider me obsessed; I have become quite familiar with a variety of theories and postulations on the subject and in this article I will outline what I have learned.

Genetic studies suggest that Ashkenazim descended from Near-Eastern men who intermarried with Italian women during the early Roman imperial era, contrary to the flawed Kazhar theory. Modem Ashkenazim are about 60% European in terms of autosomal DNA. This new hybrid population was subjected to very acute and unique selective pressures for over 2000 years, creating the population that now rules over all of our societies.

We can see this with the phenotypic similarities between these two groups.

Italians are generally of the Litorid phenotype:

Male Litorid
Female Litorid

To a large degree, because of trade and commerce and conquest — general population drift — they are also quite similar and even related to those of Gracile Mediterranid phenotypes:

Male Gracile Mediterranid
Female Gracile Mediterranid

More than likely, the Jews would have intermingled with and married the Italians from the north — from major cities and hubs, such as Rome, Florence and Genoa. Therefore, they would have a genetic ad mixture of those mentioned before, especially those of Mediterranid, Alpanid and especially Dinarid.

Female Dinarid
Male Dinarid

Likewise, the Greeks would share extremely similar and striking resemblances.

Now, Jews…

Jews are Assyroid, as in hemorrhoids. I’m just kidding.

*Looks at notes*

Yeah, they look like this.


Mixed with the aforementioned, they now look like this:

Aside from the genetic and phenotypic similarities shared between these two peoples, they are also very clannish; possessing high ingroup tendencies.

“Italians are Jews with better food”.

Christian Europeans of that era, were generally a proselytizing and welcoming people. This trait combined with the fact that the Ashkenazi root population was more than partially European, may have resulted in a massive bleed-off into the general European population via intermarriage.

Throughout most of their history, it is known that the Ashkenazim specialized in mercantile trading, but it is likely that they had much more of a neutral population structure at first, like their Middle Eastern semitic kinfolk.  All of the stem-Ashkenazim who lived and worked around Europeans, eventually intermarried, inter-bred and assimilated into the cultural norms of Europeans.  These processes would have also resulted in breeding for higher IQ, the Ashkenazim who could not make the cut in the mercantile niche would have been ostracized and encouraged to leave the Jewish community.

Increased intelligence alone cannot explain the bizarre Ashkenazim behavioral patterns which we have all observed and come to know. Even a wealthy and smart stem-Ashkenazi was still half European and might have been tempted to integrate into European Christian society. It should come as no surprise that many did in every generation. They are known as Crypto Jews.

The very openness of European society underwent a selective pressure that can only be described as perverse.  Those Ashkenazim who had an affinity for European culture, aesthetics and morality, were more likely to choose to integrate into European society over the millennia, disproportionately, leaving in the Ashkenazi gene pool those individuals with an innate genetic aversion towards all things European. This would include European culture, aesthetics, moral frameworks and physical appearance.

Additionally the Ashkenazim evolved with an extremely high propensity towards ingroup preferences, social cohesion and coordination. Their group loyalty can be described as fanatical.

Most of the Ashkenazim who could be bribed or coopted by other leaders would have been removed from their gene pool over the last 2000 years. The Ashkanazim operate on a solid front; divided only in tactical disagreements over “what is best for the Jews”.

To put it all together: Europeans have bred for themselves the ultimate parasite.  European openness to outsiders has allowed for the Ashkenazi breeding pool to shed their community members of typical intelligence into the host population; allowing them to create a specialized, highly intelligent mercantile clan.

What’s worse, the openness filtered the Ashkenazim gene pool of traits which may have predisposed them to having a positive response to Europeans — The Ashkenazim that remained in the clan for over 2000 years, were selected for a general malevolence towards Europeans; a rejection of all things European. Combine this with their extraordinary propensity for ingroup cohesion, it is fair to conclude, that the Ashkenazim were bred to be the ultimate anti-European super-parasite. A civilizational super predator.

If this wasn’t bad enough — Europeans being condemned to extermination by this malevolent merchant clan — the situation may be a lot worse. Ashkenazim genetic malevolence is particularly targeted towards Europeans, but also extends to all humanity. It is well known that Ashkenazis played a disproportionate role in the development of atomic weapons; well above the proportion of physicists who did. Many European physicists were reluctant to participate in the development of such a weapon. This was not the same for the Ashkenazi physicists.

(It is my belief that the Ashkenazi Jews are ever ready to strike a blow to anyone or anything that may challenge their supremacy; they may unleash a Samson doomsday weapon which will kill all of life on Earth. In fact, I think it likely that they have already developed such a weapon in order to blackmail our leaders. After all, they are “God’s chosen people” and all of the Earth and everything on it, exists only to serve them).

Fermi’s Paradox led me to speculate about a “Great Filter” — some unknown mechanism that destroys civilizations before they reach a certain level of development. This would explain why the universe appears to be so empty. The evolution of an intelligent and highly malevolent parasitic population, such as Ashkanazi Jews, may be the candidate for the Great Filter. Every time an advanced civilization rises up against their parasitic, highly coordinated merchant clan, which invariably evolves to rule over them, the merchants Sampson the whole thing, rather than permit their hosts to go free.