Hillary Clinton, the mother of all cunts on planet earth; the final boss in a video game full of cunts that must be destroyed, has spoken!

You can fact check the fuck out of this one, all you like. The Specular Effect tells no lies!

This is coming from a cunt that can’t even keep her 80 year old sex pervert husband from sleeping with nasty hookers and getting UTIs. But she is the ultimate mommy and by extension — from across the pond — the people of the UK, are her children.

The fact that this monster is demanding mandatory/forced injections, either out of ignorance, or with full knowledge of how poisonous they are, demonstrates why she and other dumb cunts in positions of power, as a result of mangina men, deserves a rope after a speedy military tribunal. They need to hang with their mangina supporters.

We must get women out of public life! It is imperative that we do!

Why anyone gives a fuck what this old child raping, cannibal pedovore, hag still says, does not escape me for a bit. We live in a gynotopia where the sins and immorality of women are quickly forgotten.

Why do you think the Israeli military insists on enlisting women? They know how the male human psyche functions; it will malfunction when and if it is called upon to harm women. This is contrary to what the feminist harpies pump in the Jewish mainstream media about domestic violence and abuse against women.

The Jews know exactly how weak and feminized the west has become and will continue to use women as their main tools for destruction, because they know that women are inherently destructive.

This is why I wrote this article informing you readers about what is truly occurring with the US military; that it is seeking to feminize the military in order to eliminate wars, for good.

Hillary is legitimately a psychopath. Women are legitimately psychopaths, especially any woman who has masculine aspirations.

1,000 workers, or more, have been fired from one hospital alone and she’s citing vaccine mandates as a good thing that the UK needs to start doing.