That horse faced cunt is making the lives of kiwis a living hell, just like women generally make everyone’s lives a living hell, when they’re not on their backs, or bent over.

I understand the disgust my Kiwi bros. So, I went ahead and memed the fuck out of that hideous, Mormon cunt.


You have really nice teeth.

So, what can we say about New Zealand’s first Communist leader other than she looks like a horse?

Lockdowns forever! Praise Communism Praise Ardern! Praise food lines! Yes, dear leader, yes!

She has really nice teeth? Anyone that should have a mask exception, should be her? This bitch could eat corn on the cob through a picket fence?

That’s not working out too well. I’ll stick to being frank about her.

The thing I hate most about her is the way she talks down to Kiwis like they are children, but that’s every woman in a position of power. She’s the mommy and they are her children. So, while I hate it, I’m not surprised.

Nothing angers me more.

On the bright side, I got pics of her feet.