There are still people on the right-wing who try to argue with me about this coronavirus agenda, but none of them will debate me.

Obviously, obviously, obviously, as soon as they were finished getting the third shot approved, they were going to start pushing for a fourth.

Israel did this months ago.

This is literally never going to end.

There is no going back to normal.

I hate to keep saying, “I told you so”, but the reason I say that is that I’ve been so right about every step of this, and that should tell you that I’m going to keep being right.

There are still people who are either very stupid, or, very deluded who are still claiming that we are somehow going to go back to normal. There are people STILL saying that the government “wants us to work and consume” and that they are really trying to get things back to normal.

The rubicon has been breached. We have reached the point of no return.

Shit will pop off and it will pop off fast.

A dreadful wind doth blow and a cold dark winter nigheth. Preparest thou those within thy quarters and fear not, for thy bread and water shall be sure.