I can’t stop laughing. As therapy I had the article archived.

“Trans women are women.”

Let’s try that again.

“Women are Trans women.” Hmm.

I say, these lesbians need to man up, already and describe it as “rape”.

Trannies are raping lesbians is how the article should read, but that’s not my problem.

Honk! Honk!

Weren’t activists the ones who created the tranny problem in the first place? Activists are just women and effeminate men who love to bitch, nag and complain about everything being a problem.

Niggers, Jews and Muslims also use the same tactic on Whites; pressuring them socially by saying “you’re not racist are you? Then do it!” These people have no shame, nor morality and are pure evil.

At this point, they voted for it, they deal with it. Not my problem.

They figured out a way to rape lesbians and get away with it.

Here’s some advice for you retarded freaks out there: if you’re a lesbian, just claim to be a gay trans-man, then get your partner to do the same. Then call them tranny-homophobic for demanding you have sex with a trans-woman.

It’s a clown world with clown rules. Find the loopholes and exploit them.