Apparently US Airforce personnel are refusing the jab.

I won’t get too happy, just yet. Let’s see what occurs as the end of the year nighs. Still, we all do not know what’s really going on with the vaccines with certitude. All we are capable of doing at this juncture, is coming to a conclusion based on the preponderance of the evidence available.

Anyone who tells you that they know for certain is either lying, or an idiot and you probably shouldn’t be paying them any mind. Seriously.

Still, 96% have already taken the first, or first two jabs. That’s something to keep in mind. This is according to data from the Airforce.

At the same time, this seems to be going on.

Are you fed up yet? I know I am. I’ve been over this bullshit for a very long time now, as you may already know. My entire approach to all of this and writing about it is to lay straight the crooked ways about all of it — grant you readers a differing perspective about it all. Kind of like a road map.

Let’s imagine there are four groups of people among the wagecucked masses. The first group has already taken the vaccine, the second group hasn’t, the third group can be coerced into taking it and the fourth can’t. Everyone who was going to get the vaccine was already pressured into getting it by employers who were all completely aware that there would be no hard enforced deadline and that it was all smoke and mirrors, for coersion.

Everyone who wasn’t going to take it have already quit, or gotten fired, or so we are led to believe by the Jewish media, since most companies mandated it in September to be safe from fines, well before the fake deadline.

So, it’s not a win. They coerced hundreds of thousands of more people into becoming vaccinated, at least and hundreds of thousands more quit, or lost their jobs as previously mentioned. Then, in comes Biden to prepare the next method of coersion. What is that going to be? I don’t know, but what I do know is that this shit is here to stay.

The biggest lie to be told for the foreseeable future will be, “Back to Normal”.

For the time being, it does appear to be that there is no hope for anyone, anywhere unless we have a global uprising. Rope.

The (((elites))) have clearly stated that this is the start of the “Great Reset” — we’re going into a global, digital gulag, step by step.

There is a lot of flexibility. If they have to release a genuine, lethal “variant”, or completely crash the economy, or whatever, first they’ll do that and then “circle back” to universal jabs.

Montana straight up made mandates illegal. the Montana governor once body slammed a journalist. The audio of it is quite entertaining..

This guy means business.

Reminder: “Thank you, niggers” unironically. They are a huge part of why the vax mandate threats aren’t sticking.

Thank you, you savage animals.