Women are niggers. Niggers and women are almost identical in nature. Niggers are dumb, violent, savage, primitive, monkey animals and women are dumb, savage, primitive children with wet holes.

Both groups act out with impunity, because both groups have been emboldened by Jews.

Take a look at this video.

She relaxed. Now I am not sure whether or not the guy standing next to her, holding the bag is her husband. If he was, he should have physically removed her from the area unless he was prepared to physically overwhelm the ape. He should have told that stupid cunt to shut the fuck up and mind her business.

However, what’s actually taking place in the video is exactly what I have been describing in several of my articles on women, where these cunts are so fucking stupid, that they think they can flirt with danger — antagonize and place themselves in potentially dangerous and unpredictable situations — then hide behind the stupid, bullshit adage, “you must never hit a woman”.

Succinctly put, women believe they can act any way they want with impunity.

In this situation, as all women do — they cannot properly assess dangers in situations, because they’re fucking stupid as fuck — this woman was relying on the proxy violence of the male witnesses and bystanders. She was of the mind that she can “poke the bear” and if something were to go wrong, the multiple male witnesses would step in on her behalf. This is the nature of women.

The Nigger was with his niglets and the dumb cunt thought that the nigger had human scruples — that it would contain itself in the presence of its larvae. But she was dead wrong! This is the nature of niggers.

The sheboon who recorded the video even says, “she ah female!”, as to indicate that bad things must never happen to women. The sheboon goes on to claim that the white guy standing next to the dumb cunt was her boyfriend and therefore, should have put his life in danger for the mouthy cunt. I don’t think so, but, we’ll never know.

As I described and explained here in these articles: The White Cunt Will Get You Killed and Pentland Jailed for White-Knighting, Will Tradcons Ever Learn, these women are the bane of the white race and of the planet, in general; that they are the ones who are responsible for all this mess we are living in. It was the simping, mangina, white-knight, Tradcon white men who thought these women were intelligent and capable of autonomy. As with anything women touch, or get into, it always results in disaster. It is white women who voted for this kind of crap, in the first place. Now, it is coming full-circle; to bite them in the ass.

In the eyes of the law, the nigger is dead wrong. However, in the eyes of the rational, logical mind, the women is fucking stupid. Niggers are violent animals and like white men thought white women to be intelligent and capable of autonomy, so too, do these cunts think niggers can be reasoned with and probably missed a few hugs; that all they need is mommy-ing. As with wild, volatile animals, we exercise caution. The same needs to be done with niggers. Women do not understand danger and just as much as their tiny little brains will and can manufacture danger, it is capable of miscalculating it. I opine that they are totally oblivious. They’re goddamn stupid! Play stupid games… You know the rest.

The reaction of white men online seeing this? Well, you can guess, but I’ll tell you. Total misplaced outrage! They cannot see how the cunt is responsible for her own demise. They never do, just as much as they think women are never responsible for anything! They see her as being acted upon, instead of her courting and even inviting danger. This is how they themselves (white men) put themselves in danger. Take a look at this mangina:


Here’s the raw footage of simping-gone-wrong.

Yes, niggers are very aggressive and when they “hit on women” it is done in an extremely offensive and aggressive manner. Then there’s certainly this element to it:

However, what I do, as I’ve described in past articles is, “avoid the ‘groid”! Wherever niggers are, I won’t be. When and if I see too many of them in one place, I will drive to the next town over to do what I need to get done. It may sound extreme and even ridiculous, but it is how I take personal responsibility for my safety. I “stoop to conquer”. It is what my father taught me. I also wouldn’t be with a woman who runs her mouth.

This is certainly not to excuse the behavior of the mandrill. Of course, not! It is to point out a far greater issue. One that is all encompassing with regards to what is truly going on in our society and by extension, the world. Women brought this on themselves!

Jews. Where do they come in in all of this? Well, they understand the nature of niggers, women and the white male and they go to town with their knowledge.

They put their lying media to good use, too, against everyone! To sway and stir up the emotions of women by painting niggers as innocent victims of white males and white men just sit back and let it happen. Jews are just doing what Jews do. But you white man. What are you doing? You support white women. You join in with their stupidity.

The Jew knows how to appeal to the stupid female nature by pushing on those buttons that make a woman desire to be like a man, so he, the Jew, told her that staying at home and keeping house is “oppression” and white women fell for it wholeheartedly, because it appealed to their very nature. White men went along with it, because white men are so afraid of appearing to be undesirable in the eyes of women; so when the Jew told women that the man was her oppressor and was oppressing her by keeping her at home and uneducated, he caved, because the Jew understands both of their natures.

The same is done with niggers — the Jew appeals to their innate, hunter gatherer, savage nature and insecurities of not being able to keep up in a post modern world. So, the Jew told them “Whitey bad”. “Whitey evil” for enslaving you, even though it was Jews who owned the slave ships and owned majority of the slaves in the Antebellum South. The Jew understood that niggers don’t read and don’t like to read, hence it was easy to stir them up against whitey for such a very long time.

The Jew can throw pizza, candy and cakes at you. This doesn’t mean you have to eat it and become a fat fuck. Likewise, the Jew makes pornography; this doesn’t mean you have to subscribe to it and become hooked on it.

There is volunteerism involved in all of this. The Jew never put a gun to anyone’s head and told us to do this, or to do that. It is We with our weak feeble nature and desires, who have fallen for the chicanery of the parasitic rat.

Do you think they send their kids to public schools? Do you think they have their wives out there like white women are? If and when they are, they speak for the tribe.

What have ye, white man? What have ye?