Dare I say, “BASED”? No fucking way. I take no pleasure in any of this. It is indeed bitter-sweet, but why the fuck did it have to come to this? I know why, but still…

These pharmaceuticsl executives better watch dey backs n sheeeit; them people be waking up n sheeit!

Its a war out here in da skreetz mayne, n niggaz ain’t playin’ no mo’. They wanna be jabbin’ us n sheeeit, well dem peoples iz gonna be jabbin’ back! Nah’msayin’?

Unironically, the greatest weapon against globohomo is niggers. Who would have thought?

Of course, this silver back was looking for anyone to rob. It just so turns out that the victim was a Big Pharma Executive.

If this catches on by measure of a mere fluke, I’m sorry for the sacks of shit.