It’s for your health. Get in the concen-erruuugh quarantine camp!

Is this what they want to do to the rest of the world? This shit got super REAL and out of control pretty fast!

This is what happens when you let them take your guns. More importantly, it is the same shit that’ll happen when you don’t use your guns.

Remember, it was never about your health.

You will eat ze bugs.
You will drink ze cockroach milk.
You will turn in ze guns.
You will impregnate ze transwoman.
You will adopt ze african orphan.
You will pay 400,000 Social Credits for reparations.
You will demolish ze border wall.
You will be fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Hebrew.
You will pay ze carbon tax.

You will have your child’s gender identity confirmed by Rachel Levine.
You will wear ze 20 masks.
You will take ze daily omni-vaccine.
You will obtain a Level 70 VAXXPASS™ if you want to visit your grandbeings.
You will work with 2,799 other employees in ze Amazon cage.
You will liquidate ze bitcoin for 10 Social Credits.
You will live in ze pod.
You will consume ze recycled sewage medicine.
You will have all communications approved by ze Reality Czar.
You will have ze Covid-19 rectal probe permanently implanted.
You will not ask who owns property.
You will own nothing.
And you will be heppy.