Comrade Jacinda was recently pressured by a based American pharmacist, Shane Chafin, on vaccines at a “press conference”.

Like a cockroach exposed to light, Jacinda promptly runs away from the “press conference” when confronted with facts. Jacinda has been recently pushing vaccines on kids despite an approximate 0.0% chance of serious side effects, including death from covid-19 for that age group.

Here is the previously unseen full version:

Here’s the full Interview with Shane Chafin:

I like this guy’s energy.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe it. He was just a rude fucking yank; who let his arse in the country?”

Just get vaccinated you dumb Kiwis. You are like little petulant children — no idea what’s going on, but taking a stand anyway — against your mommy cunt, Jacinda.

Jesus Christ, Kiwis. Your prime minister has the demeanor of a crack head, begging for change and the mannerisms of a murderer protesting his innocence.

Why hasn’t any New Zealanders marched into her office and wrung her scrawny neck yet?

I know, I know — New Zealand is cucked like most western nations. We Americans are more than likely worse. We gave cunts the right to vote. The shitstorm started right here! So,I’m not really picking on you guys, when there’s a fucking beam in my eye.

Do you guys see how women get that pained “hurty” inside look when grilled too aggressively.

Don’t be mean to our sistah, Jacinda. She’s a brave wymmin doing heroic work. She deals with this kind of ugly misogyny every day. It’s hard, okay?

This is the same cunt who was cosplaying as a Muslim. She is so transparently manipulative, but as is the case with normies, they are just too retarded to see it.

There are lots of rooftop lines of sight of this dumb, cunt puppet. I’m just saying that I hope her fans get good rooftop views with some high powered… binoculars.

In all fairness, this is proof that the rest of the world is 20 years behind the USA in fashion and how to do Pressers.

A head of state or even a state government official doing a presser where random unscreened, uncucked, unbrainwashed persons are able to ask “wrong” questions???

Fucking unthinkable in the USA.

Imagine Gavin Newsom being asked, “WTF, bro?!? $33 BILLION of unemployement got stolen, and why aren’t there any proofs of how and why funds got transfered; nothing has been offered?!?

In the near future, ALL pressers in Brit Crown Colonies will be staged outdoors to appear “open”, but will be in fact a “closed set” productions, but still include some scripted “back and forth” and Jacinda will seem to “really be on top of things” and a “strong leader”.

I thought horse face was dumb as a brick as most women generally are, but she’s actually much dumber than I thought.

She thinks she pwned the heckler by cancelling the meeting, but what she and her handlers fail to realize is that it makes her appear weak and unable to deal with conflict as women generally are.

Then again, to an international audience this maybe obvious, but to New Zealanders, it was “our Jacinda being hassled by a foreigner”.

Then you’ll have to start pondering about who the genius was who thought it a good idea to let women into politics. This bitch is an absolute rotten tyrant and needs to be stampeded.