So, if you haven’t been following the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, here’s a brief update.


Well, I haven’t been following it, either, anyway, because I expect it to be a kangaroo court, lock, stock and barrel case, like Eric Chauvin’s. So, I’ll give you what’s been circulating on the internet from the trial.

Watch this:

What are we to learn from this footage: the entire nation is under surveillance.

At least, any events.

There’s nothing else to glean from this video, because we all know he’s innocent and acted in self defense.

What is alarming is that the FBI had this footage the entire time as well as the drone video of the entire event.

When will people realize just how corrupt they are?

The mere fact that they had this all this time and he was charged, is frightening, or at least, we should be a bit dazed by it.

Soon, they’ll claim the footage was being used in an active investigation, or, informants/undercover agents were exposed.

The first footage of him lying on the ground and the other dude approaching him with a weapon should be enough to attest to his innocence. We must also understand that the people who want Rittenhouse in prison, do not care about facts. Even if they had seen this footage, their brains would automatically erase it and they’d go about it as it means nothing.

The prosecution is trying to argue that Kyle chased after Rosenbaum (the now dead pedophile Jew), while pointing a gun at him, but in the footage, one can clearly see Rosenbaum going into the lot behind some cars, while Kyle continues straight; holding a fire extinguisher.

Kyle is only stopped by the Ziminskis blocking the path, then Rosenbaum comes out from behind the cars and chases Kyle into the lot, where the shooting occurs. You can even see Rosenbaum’s bare arms reach out for the gun just before he is shot, in the drone footage. This doesn’t help the prosecution, like they claimed it would.

As a result of their asinine, no-case bullshit attempts, the media is doing this:

Yeah, great news.

Here’s what I think about this video: as mentioned earlier, we need to recognize that we are always being watched. They released this video to prove that point.

What is that point? That no matter what you do or where you are, if you’re engaged in any activity involving civil unrest or a threat to the state’s authority, you are being watched!

Footage of you is being recorded, and that footage is being stored on multiple server banks in redundancy.

The Bureau can bring it forth to prosecute you for your actions, any time they want to, forever.

The same goes for Big Tech, with whom they work in concert; only thing is, it also applies to texts, emails, “encrypted” chats, voice notes, social media messages, and virtually any other form of digital communication.

Networking is futile. Organizing resistance is futile. Planning and meeting up is futile.
The only antidote to this dystopian shit show is a complete and utter tidal wave of organic chaos.