VAERS has been reporting that certain batches of vaccines have had the highest rates of reported vaccine deaths and side effects. These batches are said to have been sent to Republican states and are rumored to be the cause of most vacine deaths in red states.

Perspective: I’m an uncertain as to whether or not this is actually the case — that these batches have been sent to red states, spitefully, to harm red staters. I am of the opinion, though, that this is another psyop geared towards maintaining the Red vs. Blue division. As a result of many folks being stupid and naive where they do believe in the left vs right, Red vs. Blue paradigm, many will fall victim to this psyop — an attempt to escalate and accelerate controversy.

First off, there are blue sides of red states just as much as there are red sides of blue states. There’s no telling if it was Republicans who took the vaccines and not Democrats. There’s just no way to know that, currently. So, this report is very spurious and has an agenda. It is designed to preoccupy our minds with dumb shit.

Another thing that’s a bit off is, if this is indeed the case, are we not to also consider that blue states may simply not be reporting deaths, or is it a systematic killing of red state citizens? Yet, none of this will make sense, because we know that the most vocal against the vaccines have been citizens of red states and the most accepting are Democrats.

I would suspect that Democrats willingly accept deaths from the vaccines and never question if the vaccines cause it. Democrat states have more vaxx worshipers who are ashamed of reporting any side effects, despite it being the obvious source. Still, to be honest, there’s just no true way of knowing for sure about any of this — if a person is Republican, or Democrat.

I’m driving and don’t have time to type up a full report on the chart above, but I did double-check their math and they made some mistakes. They aren’t statisticians – just concerned citizens with some SQL knowledge and just enough math classes to be dangerous.

The chart above shows that 96% of the lots of the Pfizer vaccine had zero death reports made against them. Meaning the 2,828 reported deaths were associated with just 4% of the lots of Pfizer vaccine.

95% of the lots of the Moderna vaccine had zero death reports made against them. Meaning, the 2,603 deaths were associated with just 5% of the lots of Moderna vaccine.

The top 8 States with the highest vaccination death rates are all Republican controlled, red states and 19 of the top 24 states with the highest vaccination death rates are again Republican controlled red states.

Looks to me like the manufacturing controls on vaccines aren’t up to standard, so some batches get wildly fucked up, but I see no evidence of targeting specific states, or malicious action.

They can do anything with computers now, including making certain that specific lot numbers go to certain locations, based on political affiliations. Yet, there is no guarantee of harming specific targets.

If I am correct then the following are almost-certainly true:

There is a serious manufacturing quality problem, or something was produced without understanding how it would work in the body and thus failure to control for something that needed to be controlled for wound up with undesired reproduceable results.  That is, some lots are ok, others are contaminated, have too much, or too little of the active ingredient in them, some produce wildly more spike-protein than others in the body when injected, etc.


Much worse, the lots are intentionally segregated to produce different results. This implies some sort of nefarious intent such as killing people on a differential basis, or that the manufacturers are running unsanctioned experiments on a mass basis among the population at-large, since they know what is in each lot and intentionally varied the contents.


Perhaps, worst of all, reports are now being intentionally suppressed, the injury and death rate hasn’t changed and there are lots with one of the two above problems, but it is being intentionally not reported, having been detected almost-instantly and health providers were directed to not report anything serious (e.g. death) associated with the jabs.

Either way, there is absolutely no way to be certain about any of this and this is exactly what is intended. Were any of us to adopt a specific narrative around this, we would soon be labeled kooks and conspiracy theorists. The best approach is, “I don’t know, but something isn’t right.”.