Floridians are generally some of the most retarded people you will ever meet, but this week, this guy takes the cake.

I’m not going to laugh. Brainwashing is a hell of a drug. Still trying to figure out where his forehead is.

I would like to, however, know where is he being buried, so I could take a dump on him.

You see, this is the problem with narcissists. They double down on crazy, instead of admitting that they may be wrong.

This dumb ass Florida Man did have a good run, though.

Fuck it. Lemme post the whole saga. *rummaging*

I’m sure if these people could be brought back to life, they’d still hold on to their beliefs. “No it wasn’t the vaccine that killed me last time! Watch me take it again!”

Looks like a shark took a bite out of this guy’s head. Who knows what those dumb fucks get up to down there. He might have asked them to inject the vaxx directly into his brain, for extra effectiveness.

I mean, being a Facebook user, or social media user, in general, means you’re fucking retarded.

It certainly doesn’t help that this guy looks like the Jew that Kyle Rittenhouse ventilated.

No, wait. It’s him!

I still feel no sorrow for this moron. He was an absolute degenerate, IV-drug user junkie, faggot. LITERALLY. Just another globohomo propagandist who died after taking the kike spike; just tragic. Oh, and he did it for free.

Honestly, it’s amazing what modern propaganda can do to people.