This is that faggot who tried to break into a synagogue and failed, then ended up killing two random (ethnic, natural) Germans for no reason.

I obviously don’t support shooting up synagogues, but I understand why someone would do it, and I’m not going to call someone who does it a psychopath, or an evil person.

Yet, someone who decides to just shoot random people on the street is unredeemable trash.

Yeah, they didn’t investigate a few love letters in an endless pile of love letters, which every single person who commits any kind of random, extreme murder, receives without exception.

I don’t think Charles Manson actually killed anyone, but he is nonetheless the most famous “serial killer” ever, and he’s definitely insane. He married a woman more than fifty years younger than him, after decades of visits from women.

Whenever this pops up in the media, they do the whole “this is so shocking, because no one could have ever expected it” bit, but in fact, it’s a well-established phenomenon. Women are hybristophiliacs as I’ve discussed here in this article a while back. Look up any serial killer.

If anyone tells you:

You are just against feminism, because women aren’t attracted to you and you can’t get laid…

Then you need to read this article and reply:

I could have a legion of women begging for my dick; the only thing I’d have to do is murder some random people. I’m against feminism (Female biology gone political), because “liberated women” are human garbage.

Seriously, there is no single mass-murderer or serial killer who doesn’t have an army of women writing love letters to him. There is something about murder that women respond to in the same way that men respond to big tits, or a nice ass.

Why would anyone in their right mind allow women to make sexual decisions when they have all of the data about the kinds of sexual decisions women make? It is because of those big tits and nice ass — pursuit of sexual pleasure. The over arching drive behind the affinity, however, is the seeking of female validation — Male Mother Need — which acts as the unconscious precursor to the need for sexual pleasure. At a glance, both drives may appear to override each other interchangeably, yet most of the times, many people will assert that the Male Mother Need isn’t at play, or nonexistent, and that it is the need to procreate that dominates the male mind that forces him to make stupid decisions such as, grant women the right to vote and other destructive maneuvers.

The only conceivable reason as to why they cannot see it is that they are driven by ideology, and are unphased by the outcomes the ideology they have adopted creates. It’s no different than the conservatives with their support of private companies stripping people of their Constitutional rights.

No one who promotes ideology is even a remotely serious person, because the basic nature of ideology is that it does not ever create positive outcomes for anyone other than Jews, who dominate the concept of ideology and have used it to replace philosophy and rational thought (logos) as the driving intellectual concepts behind social organization. There is no philosophy that does not have the primary goal of shaping outcomes, and there is no ideology that considers philosophy, its many nuances and the reality of outcomes.

Yet, somehow, our society is at the point where it is not about whether or not you believe in ideology, but instead, which ideology you believe in.

We are constantly bombarded with “the ends doesn’t justify the means” – a statement like everything else in our intellectual concepts, has no direct practical implications. In the real world, we now live in a society where the means justifies the ends, and the justification of the means is based on meaningless abstractions.