They’re about to make their move for total control; continuing to tighten their grip as I’ve warned.

This is how things have transpired, thus far:

The Biden administration announces vax mandate in early September. Republicans call his bluff. Biden’s administration enforces all federal employees including contractors get the mystery juice. The same was done with the military. Many states attorney generals prepare a refusal of federal mandate of all 100 workers+ companies to be vaccinated.

We are now here. This is what I predict will happen:

State appellate courts immediately consider the mandate unconstitutional. The constitutionality of the “vaccine” mandate goes straight to Supreme Court. Because of the federal employee mandate, there is already “precedence”. More importantly, the populace is already conditioned to the reality of people (police, firefighters, etc. etc.) being compelled to get mystery juice upon pain of losing livelihood.

The Supreme Court declares mandate super duper fair and right and good for you, goy! You lose your job unless you submit and obey! You can no longer run to other companies, because every company must now comply.

Yes, there will be exceptions, maybe, but this is the plan they have for the subjugation of the American population at large. This is the moment they cross the line into “no holds barred” territory. If you’re still think “they won’t do shit”, yes they will! Just look at what they’ve already done and gotten away with in 2 years. Just look around the world at Lithuania, Australia, etc.

They have already rebranded America as a born and brown country; whites no longer live, nor exist here.

Moreover, there is historical precedence for this type of government control. Were we to look back at governments of 1900s, this would become abundantly clear.

We are all just playing a game. All the rules are made up by other people. Some very stupid, very evil people who want to get away with anything they can.

After the mandate is put into “legal” effect and is enforced on the first day of 2022, we will begin to see more and more police (military) presence in cities and on the streets. This will be done so we are fully acclimated to a police state, then it will be broadened and become ubiquitous.

Food supplies of “anti vaxxers” will be destroyed, gardens will be stomped out by ZOG boots, fear will be seared into the hearts and minds of your children, you will submit (and your children too) or you will suffer and die; you will be made an example of.

Sounds like demoralization? Too blackpilled? Tell that to the people who suffered under the Soviet Union — sent to the Gulag archipelagoCannibal Island.

Oh, how they burned.

Keep singing with your fingers in your ears.
You were scoffing and naysaying before they locked down the entire world too; before they extended it indefinitely (TWO MORE WEEKS), before they mandated “vax” for military and federal workers, before they forced children.

You talk like a faggot, act like a faggot and you will die like a faggot with a ZOG boot on your throat, but you won’t be so smug at your last.