Okay, folks. I’m back. It’s been an entire week. I have been busy with personal things, but I have been very aware and have kept abreast of what’s been going on.

So, what has been going on that I stayed on top of? Well, definitely the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Woooo boy! It has been very entertaining and interesting, to say the least. I have totally invested my interests in the trial and there’s just too much to cover and get into, so I’ll keep it short as possible.

Kyle Rittenhouse is an aspiring dumb, “hoorah!” jackass, but he was attacked and he rightfully defended himself. His character ISN’T on trial, but the prosecution is attempting a character assassination.

While I have always said that Kyle Rittenhouse was a bit retarded and stupid for being there, among the fact that his life pursuits are in lockstep with those who terrorize us, this trial is about whether or not, you and I are allowed to defend ourselves in this country! Without the threat of the state coming down on our asses, for acting out of self defense, are we allowed to b defend ourselves from outside threats? Or, would our actions and reactions be misconstrued as you “playing police”.

This trial is about whether or not it is ONLY the police who are allowed to kill — only the state gets to say and determine who dies; when and if.

I admit, I am very black pilled. Not just with regards to this trial, but in general. Legitimately so. For instance, I think it’s over for Kyle. I think it was a stupid idea to allow him to get up on the stand to testify.

In my opinion, I think the emotional appeals and character assassination job done by the state was successful; they ate Kyle alive, even though Kyle did handle the questions well.

The prosecution did show that all of his actions were premeditated. Well, maybe not premeditated, but in anticipation, which is no different to premeditated.

The job of the Defense is to argue that Kyle’s actions were born out of a split second decision, but it is impossible to make that claim, because Kyle knew that there was going to be the threat of something happening, even though he didn’t want anything to happen. Hence, taking a gun with him and in event of something happening, “this is how I would handle it” as he did handle it.

Still, there nothing wrong with going around with a gun just because you like going around with a gun. Likewise, there is nothing wrong with carrying a gun “just in case”.

Now, I don’t agree with the state at all; this is the case they’re making and they’re eating Kyle alive with the angle they’re taking. Remember, nothing is “normal” anymore and by normal, I mean rational or logical and I would even argue that it seldom was. Now, it is all batshit crazy, insane, illogical, female-minded bizarro world out there and we should not expect anything good in favor of Kyle Rittenhouse. We’ve seen examples of how insane and illogical things are for the past two years as a result of Feminine values taking a hold of our societies.

The truth is, there’s the potential for a lot of shit to happen in everyday life. Preparing yourself in event of something actually happening IS premeditated, but the way lawyers use the word “premeditation” usually implies that there was actual planning involved. Not just “who knows what can happen”. Having a gun on you “just in case” definitely doesn’t imply you are planning a murder.

In terms of law, this case is crystal clear; if it wasn’t political it’d be closed a long time ago.

It is very much political and that’s the problem. That’s the whole problem, actually. This is one of such instances where laws and legal procedures are irrelevant and whatever the prosecution and the defense say and do is also largely irrelevant. The court will make a political decision out of political considerations.

So, don’t expect Kyle to get off.

Many will argue, of course it was premeditated. Anyone who would be stupid enough to go to where people are rioting without a gun to defend oneself is retarded. Suicidal, even. That’s as premeditated as it can get, though.

Mistrial would be the best option for both sides. It is better for the defendant, because he goes free and it would be good for the establishment, because it doesn’t create a precedent that a citizen’s right of self-defense isn’t legally upheld. If there’s any chance of compromise it would be a mistrial, but we no longer live in a rational society. It has been feminized and all logic and rationality is out and feefeez in.

Unfortunately, to make my point, the commies are planning on rioting and have already threatened to go after the heads of the jurors.



Here’s more from the Gateway Pundit.

The government not only doesn’t give a fuck, but it is probably paying these assholes to react to a not guilty verdict, if arrived.

It is all orchestrated, in my own black pilled, yet humbled opinion.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the judge is in on it. The lawyers, too. All of it seems very well scripted, or very poorly scripted, because if it was better, it would be harder to detect.

In the end, our Constitutional rights are on trial here. Whites are on trial here. AR15s are on trial here and an example needs to be made so we should never ever think about taking down the current Communist establishment and their comrades.