As the Kyle Rittenhouse self defense trial comes to a close, many death threats have been made against the members of the jury and the presiding judge, in addition to threats of violent riots and rampage.

These are actual murder threats from blue checkmarked members of Twitter.

I hope they do it to let everyone see how fucking predictably evil they are. It seems to me that they want to be shot again. They want more dead pedophile Jews and skater boys.

What a bunch of immature babies letting a teen’s night out turn them into monsters.

Kenoshans need to be reminded that they have to wait for one of them to lunge at them and to try hitting them with some sort of heavy, blunt object, or draw a gun, though not specific to this case, a knife would work too, then they can defend themselves.

I won’t be an instigator, nor advocate for an all out chimp out, but listen up Kenoshans: If they get close enough to threaten you, yes, you can use lethal force. That’s the point. Most people with a functioning brain wouldn’t chase you if you were pointing a gun at them. They would flee.

We all can expect the worst and hope for the best and so far the best is: they will sit on their fat vegan asses and screech and shit their adult diapers on Twitter like a bunch of boomers, as they start to realize that Soros either got bored with them, or ran out of funny money.

Hopefully, these soy-fags will seethe in their homes, hoping someone else commits murder and arson so they can feel a surge of cathartic liberal dopamine.

The worst: lots of fucking around and lots of finding out.

What exactly pushes people to make these sort of posts? I get pretty angry, too, sometimes, but not enough to ruin my life over it.

Anyway, please do not lose sight of what this is all about, folks. These people and the courts, do not want you and I to be able to defend ourselves and things like this have been going on for decades, because it hasn’t been televised in a high profile case.

So, nobody has been made aware of any of this unless they personally have been involved in such a case. According to public opinion and the state/county prosecution, you’re just supposed to lay down and die if your life is in danger. This is the precedent being set and it says you have no right to defend yourself, while simultaneously people have the right to take your life and attack you and the cops don’t bear any responsibility to defend your life.

Laws are just words on a paper, now, that get enforced only whenever its convenient and suits the agenda of the people in power. The reality is, laws have always been that.

It is legitimately frightening to me that we live in an age where celebrities and corporations act as arbiters of political opinions that are illogical. Equally, it is frightening that a portion of the population listens to them. A decade ago companies avoided politics like the plague. Now, Ben & Jerry’s are calling for the execution of a kid for belonging to the wrong tribe.

I’ve had enough of the shenanigans of the state officials and TPTB that use us all as puppets to push their agendas.