As I’ve said here in this article, that Kyle Rittenhouse is a dumb, retarded, idiot kid with the wrong aspirations.

Naturally, I will explain what I mean.

Aside from Kyle being innocent, we must take time to reflect on the fact that he is indeed an idiot; misguided and manipulated into being self destructive when not being destructive. More importantly, we must understand why.

Kyle Rittenhouse is the case in point about the psychology of the single mother parented male. A feminized, emasculated and misdirected mind that is brainwashed into serving the gynotopia, thereby developing a false definition and perspective of what manhood is. Manhood is defined through the filters and lenses of the gynotopia.

(Please read this article on the Male Mother Need to get a better understanding).

In the minds of these males — the feminized, tradcon types — carrying around a gun under the pretense of “defending/protecting the community” and within the context of, “this is what a man does. Hoorah!” is what makes them masculine. It is the only way they know to demonstrate dominance and it is merely male bravado and showmanship. These are the types of males who are interested in life pursuits of becoming ZOGbots — police officers and joining the military — idiot cannon fodder and sharpened teeth of the state, used to oppress us.

This, again, is how Jews easily manipulate them into doing their bidding and fighting their wars — just appeal to their psychological weakness and preoccupation with seeking female validation and accessing vaginal pleasure.

As I’ve said here, it was ALWAYS the feminized, mangina, tradcon, simps, who fought for “god and country” (The State), and never the Masculine man. It was only through the promise by the state of access to vagina was the state ever able to get these men to go to war. Whether through ad hoc means such as coin and status.

Kyle represents the average white male out there who is abysmally misguided, emasculated and clawing back the very best way he knows, with everything he’s got, in order to remain masculine and respected.

I’m not man enough to be human

but I’m trying to fit in

and I’m learning to fake it

Don’t ever meet their friends

Tells you too much
or not enough
or worse
exactly the wrong thing
every nuance
every detail
every movement
every smell
the way she laughs
these are the things that you obsessively fetishize
or make yourself grow to love
but you are supposed to be done growing
she is still growing
its like a garden with two flowers
one just blooming and casting a shadow
just like yours
then it becomes struggle
of sunlight
or rain
or weeds

she and every she
is doomed to be your idea of her

(I want men to NEVER forget that last part about women — she and every she is doomed to be your idea of her. Yet, you must always remember that the same may occur with men towards women and you must never allow it to happen).

Kyle, unfortunately, like most men, if not every man, is motivated by the pursuit of vagina and access to it, for sexual pleasure. Once that red pill is taken — once the red pill malaise sets in — that the juice is not worth the squeeze — society as we know it, will crumble. For it is we men who sustain it via exploitation, misandry and by being disposable.