Yes, folks. They are making their rounds in several neighborhoods, gathering info on who has been naughty and nice.

Welcome to your future.

On a much more serious note, I’m going to address the unvaxxed.

This is just a reminder that if you are still unvaccinated at this point in the game, you have singlehandedly survived the greatest psyop in all of human history.

Take the time to reflect on and realize the amount of time, effort and other resources they have put into concocting this hoax. They have elaborated and deliberated on this evil plan, for decades!

They have effectively studied all the possible ways to enslave your mind and to coerce you into taking the jab. They have tried to demoralize you by infecting all corners of society with their lies and misinformation.

They have tried to vilify and desensitize your mind with pornography, tried to lure you with money, gifts and rewards — exploit your capacity to defer gratification — they tried to confuse you; to doubt reality and your identity, at every turn.

The tried to get you to trample upon your own principles, values and ethics — personal constitutions. They even turned your close ones against you.

Almost everyone has fallen for this humongous hoax. Almost everyone has cucked, but not you.

Take the time to reflect on how much bullshit you have endured and overcame, the past two years. You never caved, nor succumbed. You are still unvaccinated. You are a Pure Blood.

Their tricks didn’t work, so to all you unvaccinated folks out there, I say to you gentlemen, cheers and well done!

Stay Pure!