W-w-what the actual fuck is going on?!

Read it here for yourself.

Monkeypox is part of the same family of viruses as smallpox, but generally causes a milder infection. The illness typically begins with flu-like symptoms and swelling of the lymph nodes, progressing to a widespread rash on the face and body.

Officials are asking travelers returning from Central or Western Africa to notify their health-care providers if they develop symptoms of monkeypox.

Sweet. I literally just said two days ago to my buddy that we need a new “plague”.

It’s time to buy some SIGA stock.

So, the new scare has arrived.

I mean, how many times do these fucking elitist, theatre nerds need to tell us what they’re going to do before we start to believe them and take them at their word?

Either way, I don’t care, because I will not take the brand new experimental Monkeypox vaxx they have prepared for us a few months before this goes “viral”.

A 2001 simulation of a smallpox attack has a name that’s awfully familiar to us.

It was first developed at Fort Detrick, MD, before being transferred/released on Plum Island. Read the book Bitten for more information.

Oh, by the way, Trump approved a bill for preserving Plum Island before he left office.

*Watcha doin rabbi?*

Yes, that will erase decades of evidence of bioweapons being tested there. Why won’t the US government admit that they created Lyme Disease and compensate the victims? Or, will that open a can of worms of bioweapons being tested in this country on unsuspecting victims?

This is the equivalent to Congress turning Area 51 into a preserve.

So, what are we to expect from all of this; what exactly is going to take place as a result of this new scamdemic:

It is going to be an exact repeat of late 2019, where every faggot was convinced it was the “Black Plague!” and then it turned out that the media was bullshitting everyone. A year from now, there will still be no major death waves, just more Communist globalist lockdown horseshit.

Frankly, as it is/was with the ‘rona hoax, you have to be a fucking retard to believe this new psyop.

I understand if you were fooled with covid, but Bill Gates is litterally telling you, “I am lying to you”, to your face. This is all engineered.

I am not saying this in meaning to take any of this lightly, because the world is scary right now and I will not lie I you, but it is going to get way worse and they will not stop!

(Monkey pox is usually what is used to vaccinate, so I think it’s clear they want panic and not actual deaths. Panic = money and power, Deaths = economic collapse, no money, no power, but then again, who knows).

To give yourself some levity about it all, start thinking about how you can profit from all of this. WHICH PHARMA COMPANY DO WE BUY?

Clown world is best the world. Being alive in this era is one hell of a second chance to make the correct decision before it all wraps up.

If you make it you’ll be rich, bitch!