Bill Gates seems to predict things a bit too well.

Bill Gates should be personally held accountable for this new small pox/monkey pox hoax.

Gates “warned” about the CORONAVIRUS hoax and it happens. He “warned” about SMALLPOX and suddenly there are vials of smallpox found in different places.

I can’t take it anymore! I’m going to laugh myself into a seizure.

Canada’s testing grounds have purchased 31.2 million worth of IMVAMUNE Smallpox Vaccine. Correlating with Bill Gates ‘Pox Attack’ claim. Guess this might be the next tihng.

Canada’s *kaching* testing grounds *kaching* is rumored *kaching* to have just purchased *kaching* $31.2Mn worth of IMVAMUNE — a smallpox vaccine.


They’ve been telegraphing, for a while, now!

They’re going to roll out the Big Pox next. A forever mutating variant that’s resistant to everything “experts” their at it.


Private militia and secret police are being rolled in, like they were under the Soviets.

It’s any to go down by sundown, clown.