Wow, this is completely insane, but I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. (That sentence doesn’t have any meaning anymore, does it?) I predicted this would happen earlier this year. Everyone who was anybody and more, will be doing time for their “participation” on 1/6.

The QAnon Shaman was invited into the Capitol by the cops. They literally waved him inside. Even if it was trespassing, he didn’t know he was trespassing.

I don’t think he’s even going to get time served. Glenn Greenwald said before the sentencing that they were refusing to give him time served. Which means that he’s actually serving the entire 51 months.

People apparently don’t remember that the Brett Kavanaugh rape hoaxsters did this exact same thing.

The US court system is an absolute joke.

Anyone who takes this seriously is a joke.

You simply cannot expect justice. In fact, you can’t expect not to be abused.

You have to just stay out of these people’s way and this option is for pussies and retards.

Government is and has always been the problem.

It has to go!