Everyone is reporting this as it being an isolated event, restricted to only Austria, but it is actually the whole of Europe — the entire planet — going insane.

Again, this is going on all around the world in virtually every single nation!

Some of you may still be wondering how is this even possible; that all nations are in lockstep with each other about the very same values and the very same agendas.

The reality is, there is infinite shekels behind all of this (Inf. Gil cheats are turned on, if you’re a gamer) and these same leaders of these nations were born, bred and brainwashed at the same indoctrination camps for the elites.

The schizo in me has had me thinking that this vaccination push by all nations is actually in preparation for a major event, like smallpox a plandemic, but then I remembered how much the vax fucks with your immune system.

I still maintain, based on the preponderance of all the evidence gathered, that this is very much a depopulation agenda. Soon antivaxxers will be shot on sight. However, Pure Bloods maybe the ones in favor for survival — they inheriting the earth, afterwards, may be part of the plan. After all, we would have survived the greatest social experiment of all human existence and would have past the greatest IQ test. One can only hope.

What’s going on in Austria and the rest of Europe may hit the unvaccinated the most, because the unvaccinated don’t care what their government says and all the monopoly on violence government possesses will be leveraged against them. It is the Communist revolution getting underway as Chinese dissident and writer explained and warned:

Watch the full interview here:

My advice to Austrians: Get the fuck out of there, now!

If you wanted a reason to take up arms, this is it. I fear that the rest of the “civilized” world may follow soon.

Be ready for war.