I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. As a matter of fact, I told you this would happen!

You see, women are truly incompetent and of their own powers are incapable of accomplishing anything positive. Kamala didn’t earn the title. Instead, she like all other women, have to come from behind, doing sleazy, manipulating shit, coupled with leg-ups and handouts, in order for them to reach parity with men of any sort.

So, this is it! President Harris!

On a rather auspicious and virtue signaling-worthy day, too.

Women are grifters and larpers. They do not care about anything outside of themselves, neither do they, nor are they able to comprehend anything outside of themselves. Whatever their interests are, they are usually due to them emotionally and precociously attaching themselves and their “identities” to it. This means they only do it for attention and out of “good intentions” and as we know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Unfortunately, this is the zeitgeist of the entire world — good intentions — a Feminine hive-mind and Feminine values.

I’ve not only predicted this would happen, but I expounded on what it would mean for everyone, right here and in many other articles.

At this juncture, it wouldn’t be farfetched to believe Biden to have been long dead, if not incapacitated from a tube up his ass.

Either way, accept it, guys. Accept it! This is our new leader.

If you’re wondering if she’ll manage to fuck up, then…

Nonetheless, this is Powerful, Brave and Inspiring, even though the only way a woman could be president is when the “president” gets something shoved up his ass.

May the universe have mercy on us all.