No they were not! They were Jews!

I have heard this repeated everywhere in the alternative media sphere, yet we here all know this is not exactly true.

We all saw how the Jewish prosecutor stooped horrifically low in trying to avenge the members of his tribe.

What we have watched play out, was one of the most public clashes of enmity between whites and Jews in North American history and most of the whites invested in this case may never realize it.

I have a lot of questions about this nonrecognition and misdiagnosis. It goes straight back to the “are Jews white?” question, to which the answer is an emphatic “No”, if you define “white” as being of the European diaspora. Yet, let’s face it; most people can’t tell the difference, or don’t bother to draw the distinction and this is very worrisome!

What are the political implications of Jews being considered white before Jewish? Well, they get to live among whites, blend in and their nefarious actions implicate whites. In addition, when a white person does do something unacceptable, these rats are the first to highlight that they are not white, but Jewish.

This lumping of Jews in with whites is exactly what Jared Taylor of American Renaissance does. I suspect that he does this, not only because he is backed, supported and funded by Jews, but because his wife is also a Jew. Yes, Evelyn Rich is Jewish.

With much evasiveness, Jared Taylor, when once asked if Jews were “White,” replied that they are “White enough.”

He even said, “Ashkenazi Jews Are “Patriotic Men of the West” & “Allies” in White Struggle”.

“Jews look h’White to me”

Aside from this traumatic and shameful disappointment that is JT, the cognitive dissonance with regards to Jews not being white is strong. I’ve met people who claim that “Jew” is not a race (I admit, I was one of them) and that these Jews in America are just religious and only have curly hair and big noses by chance. I think it’s because these people have been trained to think speaking about Jews is prohibited. I wonder where they got that idea from.

Some are arguing that Grosskreutz and Huber aren’t Jewish and have even gone as far as saying that they neither look it:

Anthony Michael Huber

Phenotypically, Grosskreutz does not look Jewish, but neither does Rosenbaum, but we know the name Rosenbaum is a very Jewish name of German origin. So, too, is the the name Grosskreutz.

In every society that Jews parasitize, there was always a group of Jews that purposefully adopted names to blend in. In Germany, they adopted German-sounding names, pseudo Germanism, to hide their Jewish origin. This is how you get Jews that are named Zimmermann, for example.

They are Crypto Jewish names.

Who did Kyle shoot? Well, they weren’t white.