What in the actual fuck… these Communists think they’re slick!

This is equivalent to burning the graineries and setting the storage houses afire, to kill the economy. This is the beginning of a severe economic downturn for the US, which is a definitive move under the Great Reset plan and if Biden wants to solve the “problem”, which he and his Communist comrades have created, they only need to let the pipeline do its thing.

This plan to release 50 million barrels will be “good for a while”; for like shit a month, then all hell will be released.

He’s also begging Japan to release their oil stockpile in some retarded attempt to flood the global chain with oil, which won’t work. He could just reactivate the 40% of rigs he shut down, but that would actually work. Fuck em, I can afford the gasoline, his voters (the ones that aren’t fake) are the ones being financially destroyed by them. 2022 midterms sure are closing in fast, but first, we must get through this cold, dark winter.

Climate change lockdowns will distract most from all of this. I promise.