Can you believe this? I can. I knew this was going to happen and I warned many. Do not despair, though. You can still defend yourselves.

Sincerely, were I a NZ citizen, I would actively hunt this piece of shit down in my spare time, but that’s not how self defense works. If they come to you and violate your person, as was the case with Kyle, feel free to put more holes in their Sponge than Bob.

This is easy to say and conclude, but it is still worth saying for emphasis and to make a point: Anyone still in New Zealand is a fool.

Nonetheless, at the moment this little shit is going to “chase” people down to “give them the opportunity” to take the vaccine, because human behaviour suggests that people will rightfully tell the government to go kick rocks.

Do you STILL think lawmakers follow, or care about the law? Even if they did, they could just make one that allows them to herd people.

Americans, this could be us very soon! Take my income away and make me have nothing to lose, then. The American will turn into animals if you deny the western creature comforts. Or, so we hope. We can hope that while we have guns; when they try to break down a gun owner’s door, they will get shot. Castle doctrine bitches and once the precedent is set, more will most certainly follow.

Governments worldwide, are corrupt, control and enslave. How do they do this and why do we allow it? How can we bring about the change we desire and what would that change look like?

We can abolish governments, once and for all! Well, it wouldn’t be the first time (this is the principle America was built on — Freedom — true Freedom), but this time… this time we can make it stick.

As it stands, the thought police are out to get us, but the more we spread the message and whip ourselves into action, we can truly be free of all this insanity.

New Zealanders, you must remember that the elites aren’t elite. The so-called “elites” of this great marxist global reset are locking the people down, destroying their businesses destroying their lives as well as telling us that we will “own nothing and be happy”. Don’t fool yourselves, they will own it ALL. Rules for thee, but not for me.

Vladimir Lenin said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

He speaks of state controlled puppet movements and useful idiots like ANTIFA/BLM/ISIS. Now we have the “invisible enemy”. A “deadly” mutating airborne “virus”, that is the exact same controlled opposition concept.

We’re living in a GLOBAL police state and the two-party false paradigm that rules is nothing more than the illusion of choice kept in place to divide and conquer.