We all knew the Nigger strain was coming and here it is!

We also expected it to be the deadliest variant of them all, too.

I heard one of the mutations has a tiny arm coming out of the virus, holding an AR15.

We must beat the negrovirus!


We must protect our American citizens from the negro aids covid!

Okay, let’s get serious. Here’s what’s really fucking going on!


The videos were released earlier this week and have been circulating all over the internet.

Now, the algorithms are ensuring that the powers that be, absorb the narrative by claiming a new variant is out.

Aside from this being the way they choose to reveal that the vax can induce AIDS in people, this is also more of the covid hoax being perpetuated in order to scare other nations into submission — to “teach them a lesson”. African leaders refused to go along with the ridiculous covid hoax mandates by the CDC, WHO and WEF and they were either assassinated for it, or spontaneously and randomly died. That’ll show ’em.

To the rest of the world, the narrative being built is, “trust the science!” and “listen to the authorities and experts”.

We’ve been calling it Bat AIDS since January, 2020, though, when it was known that pieces of HIV were ‘used to “create” covid’ and when the Wuhan doctors successfully “treated COVID” patients using AIDS medication. Yet, again, later when the Australian vaccine was shut down after causing experimented subjects to test positive for HIV. So, this new scare was bound to happen to align itself for the cover up of how dangerous the vax truly is.

An airborne Super-AIDs covid will get in somehow and proliferate amongst the dirty UNVAXXED. The good and pure followers of the “science” will need to lockdown again and boost harder, although, sadly, many will still be lost. Civilized nations may need to make a defensive strike against those poor lost souls in Africa, before it’s too late. It’s all very tragic, but we must be strong. We must get through this together.

After all, this was part of the rationale for some of the retards who caved to the “two weeks to flatten the curve” madness — it supposedly stopped immigration from black and brown nations. You have to laugh at how dumb and out of touch with reality some people really are.

This is just another excuse for the final lockdown; to justify putting the unvaxxed in camps and to rationalize the AIDS side effects the vax has wrought.

I wrote about this a long time ago. Read it here.

I hope you guys had a wonderful Turkey Day and you all got your Gobble Gobble on; I’ll keep you updated on the situation in Raccoon City.

Over and out!