Tikun Olam!

Where did we hear this shit before?

Oh, two more weeks to flatten the curve. Two more weeks, for this, two more weeks for that.

Let me let you guys in on a little bit of psychology that my mom taught me as a child:

It takes a fortnight to develop a habit. Likewise, it takes a fortnight to break a habit.

This two weeks to determine if the vaccines are effective is so that you, I and everyone else get used to the new hoax variant being an actual thing to fear.

These fucks are playing psychological games with the world. They’re meming, too!

Do you think it’s a coincidence they skipped Nu and Xi and went with OMICRON; that it being an anagram for MORONIC is lost on them?

Let’s recap on what’s happened globally, since these fucks came in with their hoax, shall we:

– lockdowns

– mask mandates

– shattered economies

– vaccine madnates

– vaccine passports

– now, more lockdowns

They’re indeed mocking us and telling us that we are indeed, MORONIC.

Everyone keeps giving them exactly what they want — obedience, fear, compliance — so, they are right in calling us moronic.

This is all fake news. There is no dangerous virus. It’s literally the common cold, rebranded, which has always mutated every single year for as long as we’ve known about it.

Yet, they have to make up for the fact that their doom vax has been ineffective and is causing many detrimental side effects.