Wear your mask, goy!

I hope you guys in the UK realize that they aren’t going to stop until one of you murder them, before they murder you.

Yeah, it’s fucked up how they decided to do all of this shit, but there’s no point in complaining. This has to be dealt with. Start by wearing the new “Invisi-Mask”.

The faggot, muppet idiot of a prime minister, Boris Johnson made an announcement. He said something… I don’t know… more vaxes. As expected; right on time; I told you so; everything is going as planned; it’s all so tiresome.

Boris will boost the booster! C’mon lads. It’s time for your jabbie jabbie. 6 million jabs to go around!

Things are only going to get weirder and weider.

It’s almost like people are literal cattle, at this point.

My respect for my fellow humans is down to 0, if they fall for the 4th trick. Vaxxers are worse than animals. I finally understand the Jew. Masses are so dumb, it’s unbelievable. At this point it may not be a bad idea to get rid of the dumb, parasitic masses. Big pharma is literally filtering out the farm animals out of society, were you to stop and think about it.

The cattle deserve all of this shit, if they fall for it, a 4th time. Boost that shit up!

Still, here’s a little reminder: all of this ends when you have the balls to make it end.