How are things going with Corona?

Cut the head off. It grows back harder.

Omicron Supreme!

“I am the Hydra! Now you’ll see your star!”

Just look at the rates for new variants to take over and dominate. Pfizer’s “100 days until the new vaccine can be produced” will only give them 2 months to pump up production, boost the case numbers and “fatalities”, deliver, then double jab everyone and that will give the vaccinated up to two months of protection for the first recipients.

I just want to say to every single dumb faggot who read what I said on this website about what was coming this winter and smugly giggled: all of you faggots deserve what is coming for you.

You are among a tiny fraction of the global population who knows about this website, and had me here to tell you what was happening, and if you faggot-giggled and said hell wasn’t coming, you’re going to deserve the homosexual torture that is coming for you.

This is the top story on the New York Post:

Here we go again indeed!

All of it is happening all over again!

It’s going to be the same again, except 6 million times worse!

All of your inane, pathetic excuses about how you couldn’t flee the city is going to seem really petty when you’re in a camp getting tortured by literal booty-bo-peeps and poop-eaters!

It’s coming!

Oh yes, dear reader – it’s definitely coming!

It’s all coming down on you like a piano in Roger Rabbit!

No matter how much you prepared for this coming hell, you’re going to wish you had done more.

The roll out comes now – everything is just going to go like dominos, exactly as I told you it would.

Closing the hospitals in New York is the first domino.

Then come new restrictions across the country.

The pureblooded will be more restricted, but everyone is going to be restricted.

Australia already has concentration camps – will that come here this winter? I have no idea, but I know a whole hell of other stuff is going down!

They’re going to say the vaccine doesn’t work at all, because of Omicron!

Yet, they’ll still be telling you you have to take the vaccine that doesn’t even work according to them!

It’s happening!