Well, they’re furthering the MORONIC (OMICRON) variant scare and hoax, so it’s more like, “It’s Habbenig!”

Again, there is no “new variant!”

The plan was:

1. Fake plandemic
2. Create vaccines
3. Fearmonger ASAP as much as 100% sheeps to get a vax with MSM coverage and corupted governments
4. Covid pass for everyone
5. Great reset
6. Social credit/digital money
7. One world government
8. New mutations/never ending vaccinations

Current situation:

1. Real numbers of vaxxed people seem to be too low for their liking
2. Social unrest/protests worldwide, or so they have made it appear to be
3. Uncontrollable inflation/supply chain fucked/people refuse to go back to work, or so we are told
4. Great reset is knocking on the door, but the sheep are not scared/prepared as planned
5. They are speeding up things/Austria mandate/new OMICRON strain/etc

Again, there is no new strain and OMICRON is just another chapter in the Bible of hoaxes. Things are going exactly as planned — collapse society, starve the retards out, or kill them with a vax. Only the strong and smart survive. Utopia

The real deal is this: the vaxtards are dropping like flies and it’s becoming too noticeable, so in order to make up for this fact, a new variant is needed to be blamed for what the “vaccines” have wrought. This is being done to prevent “vaccination hesitation”.

More and more studies about the detrimental side effects of the doom vax have been circulating.

Don’t worry. *whispering” Everything will be fine. Our rulers have a plan to save us all. They only need to scare us into submission for about 6 months, before they swoop in with their brilliant, Communist, One World Governance agenda — a new vax for this new variant!

It’s getting worse! Are you scared yet?

Well, you should be, because they’re coming after kids, for sure, hard-core; even harder than ever before.

Don’t worry, all of this has been planned way before your stupid family members said, “OH MY GOD. JUST SHOVE THAT FUCKING NEEDLE IN MY CHILD’S ARM RIGHT NOW.”

It is way too convenient that they can mask the side effects as a “new variant”, right? That’s what delta was for, initially. Maybe this one is to sterilize all the kiddies. At this point, everything is on the table. Don’t put it past these evil fucks. Children of Men timeline, here we come.

If your kids are in public school, you’ve already failed them, and you will be forced to get them vaxxed. Get over your ignorance. Real parents homeschool. Never forget that!